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  • n59218 n59218 Apr 4, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    Cramer signed-off on the obituary of MON's momentum

    Cramer signed-off on the obituary of MON's momentum it seems in a recent MM show. Any details about his exact-utterances and how can it weigh-in, on all the other head-winds here in MON? The chart flattened out on averages in the past 8 weeks, and no significant +ve news left in the offing. So, why should one tie-in his $ for the decelerating scenario here in MON?... extremely averse R/R ratio to be a long at this juncture... compared with say HERO or BVSN or zillion other fishes in the pond IMHO! Plus, another perpetual worry is those DD billionaires -- they are always ready to pounce on MON and if their shorts starts working here, to preserve the DOW index (and in turn help DD rise), they can leverage it out to the extreme. (and also slam it in public-opinion... attacking the MON's GMO processes). Are these some of the reasons why MON-chart has hard-time getting-up and walking consistently recently? Cramer is obviously tuned-in harmoniously into the big-boy networks, and perhaps it was a clue that those big-boys started offloading/shorting MON now?? What do you'll think? Too many questions here.

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    • Cramer? Great news. I'm buying more tomorrow. Thankyou very much.

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      • I guess that's how those big-boys become big boys ... selling bubbles constantly to zillions of minnows. Kid you not ... the flattening chart here at double the multiple of 50B enterprise do not lie .... big-guys are handing over the hot-potato in their hands to little guys now ... heavy-selloff in MON is just around the corner. Be very careful. You may hold it for a micro-second, but you got to be nimble... and book profits while the going is good. This is the climax point. You may see low 80s in the summer in MON. Futures Cardinal-Red this morning!

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