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  • jkprice Apr 25, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Article out today from the Scientific Journal of Entropy---not good

    Says Roundup is very bad for the environment. That's you and I by the way.

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    • This pig went to the market to buy non gmo products from whole foods. People are getting educated. Time to drop your shares like panties on prom night, and invest in companies who are ethical. For you, your children, and future generations.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Many weeds are already showing resistance to Round-Up. Now we have superweeds. Thanks Monsanto, your effective and safe concoctions are making our world a better place! Keep up the good work.

    • MON is the company who gave us Agent Orange, DDT, PCB's. They obviously are ensuring their products are safe, and care about human health. You are all a bunch of lemmings who are being fooled by this corporate giant. Do you own research. It takes an idiot to think MON's products - Round Up and GMO's are safe.

    • jkprice, I read the article carefully. It actually doesn't say that. It lists a number of different biochemical processes that would be less than optimal in the presence of glyphosate. It doesn't make comparisons with other herbicides and usually doesn't quantify the effects - if it's not perfect it makes the list.

      I think this is a good thing. So many of the wild fringe people just assert problems without suggesting any causes, that if the problems turn out to be real we have no clue about how to manage or prevent them.

      However, this journal, Scientific Journal of Entropy, has many other papers, including some by the same authors, that some might consider "fringe science", like the claims that vaccinations cause autism.

    • My thinking of it is that the good outway's the bad. Thank's to Monsanto, there are more people alive in the world that may have starved to death. As a Roman Catholic, that is how I feel. Insect's do destroy crop's.

    • "Those residues enhance the damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and toxins in the environment"

      Huh? As You are more likely to die from a wood splinter in your finger than the synergistic effect of very 'light residue' added to 'other chemicals' in the environment. What is the 'other' anyway? Cigarette smoke, pet dander, marijuana smoke, cheetos? So many things....very strange article. I even searched the net for the journal, Entropy, not exactly a Jama respected one, aka, look at the stock price today. And even if there was some type of risk if you poured the Roundup all over someone everyday for a year (probably what it might take), what about the other 12+ products out there? Did they test those, or just the targeted, good Ol Evil Monsanto?....(Evil - not my words). I don't think Round-up is that bad, because I have seen the weeds come back. You would think if it just hung around and was so toxic, nothing would ever grow. Petty sure they designed it well, so it is not toxic and is probably safer than the competition.

      Also, I don't even own a huge amount of MON shares....I just hate seeing such blatant wrong attacks and ignorance.

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