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  • free.donor free.donor May 9, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Most Evil Company

    Most evil company in the world, your grand kids will be sterile after eating bt corn for 3 generations. Agent orange killed millions in vietnam, ddt and now gm food. This is the evil.

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    • "I don't think people fully understand that "cheap" food is actually killing them. I understand living and shopping on a budget, and yes, organic can and is more expensive, but you save money by not getting some kind of illness from eating too many pesticides or genetically modified food that has not had proper long term testing done for potential risk. You don't necessarily need to buy organic, just don't eat genetically modified food. The theory of GMO foods saving the world from starvation have already been disproved.Other than being resistant to herbicides, they have not done anything else that was promised by Monsanto. Remember. Monsanto pays people to search and blog out dissenters of GMO foods." WELL SAID BY A LIKE MINDED ELITIST!!!! CARRY ON SHEEPLES!!!! .

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    • YES....EVIL...dump this bloated nasty PIG

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    • Show YOUR DISDAIN MAY 25th PEOPLE!!!!!!

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    • agree! short this evil company to the ground trying to destroy human race

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    • thats OK free donor. Really we want the people who believe there is nothing wrong with these products to be sterile. The next generation will be a group who appreciates nature, nurtures soil and crops, and we will all be free of many ailments. Because as you know... You are what you eat. The smart will go on, and the imbeciles will perish. We don't want a nation of dummies and people who can't figure this out for themselves.

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      • You people or should I say kids are truly on the wrong board to promote this nonsense agenda. Sure you may get some recs amongst the very ignorant but you are grossly incorrect in your assumptions and propaganda. Agent Orange, for example, was harmful because the military misused it out of ignorance and Monsanto(not the same company as today) did not condone it, and it was definitely not the same ingredients as today's herbicide. What if I went over to your Whole Foods or Hains beloved message boards everyday and said organics kill you or their produce is not clean or other garbage like that everyday? Maybe I go over there and post like every 15 minutes like you clowns do here.

        Total losers!

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