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  • camvest camvest May 13, 2013 9:04 PM Flag



    How many people know that soil bacterium B. thuringiensis (Bt) is closely related to B.anthracis, the cause of anthrax. Study just published at University of Brasilia shows that Bt toxins are cytotoxic to bone marrow cells and haemotixic, damaging red bloodcells at lowest amounts tested. This shows that adequate research wasn't completed prior to placing these products on the market and it could be a tremendous financial liability to any company that is more interested in cornering the market for seeds and agro-chemicals than in developing high quality sustainable agricultural products. Just my opinion, but it is delusional from the outset and bad corporate policy to assume that toxic chemicals which damage insects are not harmful to humans, who share portions of highly conserved DNA with insects and bacterium, and have similar structures of internal organelles.

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    • BILLY GATES has 5 mil invested in MON.....look up his history. DADDY used to run Planned Parenthood. It's called EUGENICS YOU NUMBSKULLS can't see it WHEN this is right in front of YOUR FACE. Let me ask all you SHEEPLES sumthin... Why you think people HATE MON? for no apparent reason? Seems STRANGE that SO MANY people HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MON...DON'T YOU???? MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO fools

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    • Wow. That is really going to affect the organic market, since they have been using BT--the whole bacterium, not just some portions of the genome--for over 40 years. All of that organic food must just be horrible.

      In the words of America's greatest philosopher, B. Bunny, "What a maroon."

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    • camvest, one hopes that the University of Brasilia study will get the attention it deserves. If it can be replicated, it will mean that we should strive to keep the cry proteins away from our bone marrow and red blood cells. Alternatively the damage to blood cells and bone marrow might be so small that we can ignore it.

      But why did you begin your post by saying that B. thuringiensis (Bt) is closely related to B. anthracis? Yes I know that, and I know that the plasmid-located genes for the two distinctly different bacterial properties have been completely characterized and are nothing like one another. Were you trying to manipulate emotion, or provide a bit of education totally unrelated to the resat of your post?

    • the SHEEPLES on here don't read Scientific data, and the GMO's have impaired their BRAIN FUNCTION to the point where ALL COMMON SENSE has left like a FART IN THE WIND!!!

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