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  • aas62 aas62 Jun 6, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Good Motley Fool Article lists all the wonderfull products MON has created

    Here are a few listed from the article.

    Agent Orange, Saccharin,PCBs,Dioxin,Roundup,Bovine growth hormone.

    Oh BTW why wouldn't believe that GMO food is safe?

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    • There are numerous other flaws in the Monsanto studies. Each of these misrepresentations and falsifications always served to negate any conclusions of adverse health effects. A careful audit of these studies by scientists should be obtained as part of your investigation.

      The false conclusions contained in the Monsanto studies have recently been refuted by the findings of a recent study by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health. This NIOSH study, recently circulated by Dr. Marilyn Fingerhut for review, found a statistically significant increase in cancers at all sites in the Monsanto workers, when workers at Monsanto and other industrial locations were examined as an aggregate group.

    • So, it is very wise to presume, that since the 'OLD' Monsanto did create some 'not for human consumption products' that were harmful and 'MISUSED' then, the gov't would be more stringent in allowing any food seed to reach the human plate. Saccharin was never proven to harm anyone as far as I know, and many claims were refuted. IT too was used when other product, sugar, was in short supply in WWI - bet the MREs were worse for your health - see Wikipedia for interesting article on Sac. history.

      Very irresponsible (again) from same bias bogus writer (the 2nd one of the day from MF) - Monsanto is not the same 'exact' company from the 60s 70s even that had A. Orange, and besides, did not tell the military to use it the way they did. And I do not think that MON was the only company making such products, not meant for people to live on the ground outdoors in and around such hot temp extremes.

      Looks like another 'buy the dip on the bad news' which is just overblown 'non-news' and the company is still very much in business, no matter who, or how much you may not like them.

    • and their little dog DDT too.

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