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  • donkegn donkegn Jun 23, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    Organic Lobbyists Lie About GMO

    They get paid to spread disinformation about GMO

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    • In their blog post, dated February 10, 2012, Monsanto's blog author, Monsantoco describes Monsantos's present cafeteria logic. First, it's noted, "All foods can be found in Monsanto cafeterias – conventional and organic. None of it is singled out as conventional or organic." The author explains that there was a recall issue regarding spinach, "And for the record, the spinach in question in both cases was – organic."[2] So, to summarize, organic foods do actually now make up a large portion of the Monsanto cafeteria food, but, as long as they don't actually tell that specifically to the clients, then the supposed 'food anonymity' implies Monsanto does not have a double standard. In this case, however, the introduction of organic food is illogical. If customers are not supposed exercise 'food discrimination' and choose between organic and GM foods, then why introduce organic food at all if it is truly the 'substantial equivalent' of the Monsanto garbage they are trying to force on the rest of us? The hypocrisy is heightened the more you learn about the friends of Monsanto in high places, what they eat and what they promote

      Bill Gates outlined his planned "digital revolution" of the world's food supply in Rome, Italy on February 23, 2012. He was grilled by reporters regarding his heavy promotion of genetically modified foods, to whom he retorted, “You should go out and talk to people growing rice and say do they mind that it was created in a laboratory when their child has enough to eat?”[3] This seems to be a false dichotomy: 'Eat poisonous genetically modified food or die of starvation.' The third option, food freedom and the choice to eat natural food, will unfortunately not be an option for the masses if Bill Gates and friends have their way. The Gates Foundation website states in bold letters, "ALL LIVES HAVE EQUAL VALUE". But, if this were true in their eyes, then why is the cafeteria where the Gates Fund people eat completely void of GE foods while th

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