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  • stevemcqueen7890 stevemcqueen7890 Jun 24, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    When the research is funded BY the corporation, you have to question the results.


    Objectivity 101.

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    • tell us more ? The fundeental premise in the US is that testing of new products is done at the expense of the company. It is done to the standards set by the approving agencies (cars, toasters, drugs, what ever). And is reviewed per ageny criteria. If anyone ever submits false data (again, the data the agencies develope and require) they don't get to submit anymore, and can have civil and criminal charges brought against them.

      Can the requirements be wrong...can the requirements progress as science and risk assessment methods progress....yep.

      So, under Objectivity 101 (aka, self serving 101) are proposing what ?.....the creation of an entirely new product approval model where ....fill in the blank.... is now responsibilbe for research.....and ....fill in the responsible for funding.

      The additional question would be who would you trust...and why ?

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      • It is common knowledge today that DDT causes cancer. But back in the 1940s Monsanto did a good job convincing people that not only was DDT “safe”, it was also “good for them”.

        Sound familiar? Monsanto is trying to tell us the same thing with GMO foods, when in actuality, independent scientists and stacks of research are telling us a much different story. GMOs have been linked to autism, food allergies, cancer, autoimmune disorders, arthritis and much more. Rats fed a diet of only GM Round Up Ready corn rapidly developed tumors and severe kidney and liver damage. 70% of female rats and 50% of male rats died prematurely on the GMO diet, as opposed to 20% and 30% respectively in the control group.

        Monsanto also produced Agent Orange, PCBs and rBST (growth hormones used in the dairy industry). I wouldn’t take their word that GMOs are safe….

        Going back to DDT for a moment; it was an insecticide used from the 40s to the 70s when it was finally banned. During this time it was released into the air, soil and water in large quantities and still contaminates our environment today. Despite being banned in 1972,. DDT is still found in all human and animal tissues as it is fat-soluble and has a long half-life of 10 years! Unfortunately it is then passed onto infants through breastmilk. DDT exposure is linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental effects.

        We all know GMOs are very widespread in processed foods and even whole foods like corn, soy, sugar beets and canola. While the US gets a horrible rap for GMO use; Canada, Australia and New Zealand all use GMO ingredients regularly as well. The only difference is that in Australia and New Zealand the product needs to be labelled -

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