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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 16, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Investor Peltz Needs To Clean Up Dirty DuPont!

    Use of DuPont Employees & Masked Agents To Attack and Libel Competitors, DuPont Customers, & Writers Over the Internet

    Good Afternoon, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buona Sera,

    Readers, you have seen the phenomenon for years: the deployment of disclosed representatives of DuPont, employees and Managers, along with masked operatives engaging in the lowest form of public relations damage control and malignant manipulation. Mr. Peltz needs to change the vile culture that seeps through this corrupt conglomerate like a cesspool. To that end, put a stop to the use of avowed DuPont agents and masked operatives....

    * Systematically attacking and libeling DuPont competitors, particularly, Monsanto, and Chief Hugh Grant and his people and their business.

    * Attacking DuPont customers, especially those hapless DuPont customers who have sustained substantial tree and landscaping losses from DuPont's consumer fraud Imprelis.

    * Systematically attacking on a vicious personal level, writers and commentators expressing independent viewpoints over the internet.

    The grossly abusive misconduct of these DuPont representatives, unprofessional and violating business ethics, is a terrible reflection on the company in which Mr. Peltz has just invested $1.3 billion. Time to get out an industrial-strength cleaner, and apply it abundantly to the executive suites and public relations and legal functions of this decaying outfit in the dwarf state of Delaware.

    Merely the evening commentary of one independently-speaking writer and long-time student of DuPont in

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    • Fun

      Have you noticed that DuPont Ag&NUTTY lowlife, not-that-bright, posts bogus, slandering, and chock full of lies about MON on the DuPont message board but is too chickenpoop to come over here and refute your logic?

      And she's scared crapless to dare to answer one of your posts directly.

      DuPont's destruction is Monsanto's gain. Now MON won't have a 2nd rate seeds company selling half-priced seeds trying to get "market share" when they can barely turn a profit!

      • 2 Replies to fan_of_funfun
      • Newer readers should be aware of the fact this particular hostile heckler by the I. D., "notthatblind" is a representative of the DuPont Company who has disclosed on numerous occasions she proudly works for DuPont AG.

        Her assigned mission as you can readily see on her archived Yahoo! messages is to smear and malign Monsanto and its people as well as to initiate distracting and vindictive personal attacks against commentators and investors who think for themselves and refuse to mouth the DuPont Company party line! "notthatbright" perfectly reflects the unethical culture and dirty-play of the DuPont Management she serves! ...funfun..

      • Fan-Of-Fun: (Obviously funfundvierzig in lowlife disguise) Did you just say Now MON won't have a 2nd rate seeds company selling half priced seeds trying to get "market share"when they can barely turn a profit???? Are you talking about the situation MON is in to settle the lawsuit in South America??? And you think I insult MON by mentioning them on the DD board when funfundvierzig is telling all the half truths and outright lies about DD????!!!! I am merely pointing out similar problems MON has had in relation to DD each time funfundvierzig tries to put down DD on the DD board!! What a loser imaginary pal of funfundvierzig you are!!!!

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