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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 17, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    Mr. Peltz, Emancipate the Fine People of Pioneer!

    DuPont Subjugation Has Wrecked Pioneer Seeds Ethically & Technologically!


    Good Afternoon, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buona Sera,

    Readers, Pioneer had a first-rate reputation for practically all of the 20st century. It was founded in Iowa in 1926 by Henry A. Wallace, who went on to become President Roosevelt's Vice President, 1941 to 1945. Pioneer developed into the world's largest and leading innovator in hybrid seeds.

    Flash forward to 1998, when a bumbling hillbilly politician from Nashville, Chad Holliday, DuPont Chief decided to trade oil and gas, Conoco, Inc, for magic beans, gobbling up Pioneer. Soon seed research dollars in the mid-west were being diverted to the east to feed the obese overhead of the agriculturally ignorant bosses of DuPont and pay for strategic mistakes. Then a small but brilliantly led outfit in St. Louis began to take the lead in seed innovation, and DuPont Pioneer never caught up to Monsanto in the 21st century. Currently most of DuPont Pioneer's seeds are mortgaged to Monsanto embedded with Monsanto's superior licensed GM traits.

    The devolving of Pioneer has been demoralising and shattering to many long-time Pioneer people. They need their independence from the choking DuPont conglomerate bureaucracy to become creative and competitive again. We believe a freed Pioneer will become a powerful profit-making machine, worth in our estimation $25 to $35 billion. Long-suffering DD shareholders, as well as long-depressed and oppressed Pioneer talent look to you and your managers and allies to yank this corrupt and incompetently-run Delaware conglomerate apart and ignite a storm of value building. Expunge the bozos at the top and their submissive Derelict Directors on the DuPont Board.


    Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW digitally penned by one individual investor and long-time student of DuPont in
    dismal decline...funfun..

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    • Folks, as you can see from the semi-coherent ramblings of this vindictively vicious, low-I.Q. shill for DuPont Management, "ag...", there is considerable embarrassment over the undeniable decline of Pioneer in the 21st century, which parallels the decline of the DuPont conglomerate during the same term. A decline, we need not mention, so pronounced, it has attracted outside investors to shake things up.

      Yes, Pioneer is second-rate and second-place in the global seed business. Pioneer Not-So-Hi-Bred got that way after being subjugated and subsumed into the lumbering DuPont bureaucracy and ruled by the agriculturally ignorant overlords in Fortress Wilmington in the east.

      Oh, one more thing, we believe Mr. Peltz knows the compelling value of superior talent, and the destructiveness of bad actresses and actors in high level executive suites. Pioneer and its people deserve a chance at renaissance. ...funfun..

    • Hypocrite and liar funfundvierzig strikes again. Now Pioneer is a fine company with fine people you say? That's not the tune you've been singing. You've always said everything about Pioneer is second rate or worse. But now when its convenient for your DD bashing to say the opposite you do? How is anybody supposed to believe anything you and your alias ilk say when you change your story every time it suits you? You must be getting desperate about Peltz. You've been bombing the DD board and other boards with your SPAM re-posts continuously for days now. Peltz doesn't give a whit about you or DD's employees. He is out to make money. He isn't going to "save" or "free" anybody. In fact if any sale or spinoff of any part of DD occurs the employees in that unit can expect the usual cost cutting and job reduction measures by the new owners. The new owners no matter who they are would be looking to boost profitabilty as quickly as they can. That means layoffs and cost-cutting like lower wages and benefits. Always has and always will. Just ask former DuPonters from DD Fibers after it was sold to Koch years ago. Laughing AT you as usual,
      board clown funfundvierzig.

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      • Ag_Amem-Mon: What is even "fun"nier is funfundvierzig is talking about how much more profit Pioneer could make if freed from DD (obviously meaning taking more market share from MON) on the MON board. He seems to be putting MON stock down, and he still gets positive ratings here!!! Just goes to prove he knows how to give himself ratings!!! Oh well, let him litter all these other boards with identical messages to those on the DD board. It magnifies his idiocy. Especially when he tries to degrade folks who defend their corporation from his half truths and outright lies. And never calls out his imaginary pals fan of fun and eastmoor for the name calling, filth and sleaze that he says we are guilty of!!! Let me use my high school degree to spell L-O-S-E-R and H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!!!!

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