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  • better2overtrump better2overtrump Aug 25, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    Genetically Engineered foods linked to diseases

    Mounting research has linked GE foods to a number of diseases and disorders. Studies are also implicating two of the main toxins related to GE foods, Roundup and Bt toxin, to all sorts of diseases.
    “I go around the country and ask audiences, “How many of you have significantly removed GMOs from your diet? And then I say, “Okay, tell us all what improvements you’ve noticed.” We hear: allergies; headaches; fatigue; gastrointestinal disorders; kidney- and liver problems; diabetes; high blood pressure; skin problems; aggression; depression; infertility.

    Someone said, “My client couldn’t get pregnant for five years, switched to a non-GMO diet, and was pregnant three weeks later. Another woman said, “My four-year-old started talking.” We hear from parents of autistic kids –even from an autistic person directly – who told me when they switched to a non-GMO diet, the symptoms alleviated. An autistic man in his 60’s came up to me and said, “I would never be able to come to this meeting with you had I not changed my diet, because these symptoms were preventing me from this type of social interaction... A lot of people also lose weight when they get rid of GMOs. It’s another main feature that we have to highlight, which we haven’t done a good job at.”

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    • I've heard the topic is even broader than that....all foods are linked to diseases.

      ...any reprsentation that GMO diet has such a dramatic and short term impact flys in the face of basic science and common sense. Sure,.... billions of gmo exposures in this country per year, and significant short term impacts as you represent escape the medical, and toxicology communities. they must be all out golfing

      Luckily we have "audiances" to stand in for our science communities lack of ability :)

      I do agree that a lot of people loose weight by getting rid of highly processed foods (where our GMO food exposure is)...but that is pretty well known dude. If you start with organic, and whip, blend, process, modigy...same effect...imo

      Eat tasty and fresh and you lose weight

    • you could od a study to show organic food kills .............wait a minute no need ..its obvious -it had already killed. So may be associated versus does kill -- I pick GM food 16 years 3 billions acres not a single hospitalization --organic kills every year. What idiot would believe organic is safer - they should be given the choice sarin like chemical insecticide or Bt corn - a nice selection tool

    • I'd say that your claim about autistic children improving after a GMO free diet is of great public interest and is also testable. I would recommend that you contact someone at a university nutrition department or even NIH. If you could show this in an actual population you'd get a Nobel Prize.

      Actually there are no hard connections between the Bt protein or glyphosate and chronic disease. But hey, it is fun to pretend. Look out for those chemtrails.

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      • To many GMO activists just read blog headlines. They could quite easily fund studies they think are needed, that aren't part of the professional risk scientist's tools. But...then they would not be in a second guessing position, which is always easier. I find it a big hole in their issue/passion, when they call others inept, and misguided (and even evil and killers), but won't put skin in the game.

        Heck, moms agains MON could easily fund one themselves....who is going to turn down mom ? ....if they fund a drive I will donate.

        speaks volumes, imo.

    • better...the folks here don't care. they just wanna make a buck.

    • Got some sources for your claim? With real scientists? Or just personal verification. I think Bigfoot may exist because so many people have had sightings.............but on the other hand lets catch one or find a dead one.............Post some real PROOF.

    • It would be unfortunate if these affects of consuming the transgenes turns out to be verifiable, since farmers need all the technologies they can get to deal with insect pests and weeds. Not too many places in the world produce food more consistently than the USA. Lots of folks to feed out there.

    • pretty weird post. I will respect "mounting research", no matter the source.

      the rest is risk pablum...imo. I know lots of people that claim lots of the same "symptoms", and blame it on all kinds of stuff. Human nature I guess. I will note all those symptons were around long before GMO, and even organicphilles suffer from them.

      such is life.

      When you ask about removing GMO...what do you mean (just significant primary grains/produce), or do you mean anything that is not organic (the surrogate for non GMO) ?

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