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  • tgsxpl tgsxpl Jul 10, 2001 2:07 AM Flag

    "Monsanto Choice"

    Monsanto has since gone on to lose the lawsuit. Read all about it at link below.

    >>In the autumn of 1996, award-winning reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were hired by WTVT in Tampa to produce a series on Monsanto�s controversial milk hormone, rBGH, in Florida milk. After more than a year�s work on the rBGH series, and three days before the series was scheduled to go on air starting February 24, 1997, Fox TV executives received the first of two letters from lawyers representing Monsanto saying that Monsanto would suffer "enormous damage" if the series ran. Although WTVT had been advertising the series aggressively, they cancelled it at the last moment. Monsanto�s second letter warned of "dire consequences" for Fox if the series went on air as it stood. (how Monsanto knew what the series contained remains a mystery.) According to documents filed in Florida�s Circuit Court (13th Circuit). Fox lawyers then tried to water down the series, offering to pay the two reporters if they would leave the station and keep mum about what Fox had done to their work. The reporters refused Fox�s offer, and on April 2, 1998, filed their own lawsuit against WTVT.
    Steve Wilson has 26 years� experience as a working journalist and has won four Emmy awards for his investigative reporting. His wife, Jane Akre. has been a reporter and news anchor for 20 years, and has won a prestigious Associated Press award for investigative reporting.<<

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    • This news is a little more recent than yours. It is only a little over a year old.

      But I guess CNN being part of the corporate media is just posting bad info.

      But I guess this is a popular misconception with the freconuts. Witness this letter from fucknuts of the Earth dated in 2001.

      Still trying to link DLP and MON. What a bunch of misinformed individuals. They are certainly mistaken on who is warped. And there are no shortage of freconut websites intentionally misleading people and calling DLP a subsidiary of MON, something that was NEVER TRUE. LYING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

      And this explains how USDA and DLP worked on "terminator gene" Monsanto had nothing to do with it other than trying to buy DLP and prior to that being a minority shareholder in them you freak!!!!!!

      However the "terminator gene" if deployed would be one way to keep poor farmers like Percy from being worngfully accused of technology theft. Not because it woul prevent that voluntary growth from errant seeding (which it would) but because the seeds he illegally kept to grow wouldn't work.

    • Dear unpronouncable,

      You can ask me as many times as you like. What you can't seem to understand is that I don't know the Agent Orange facts and I'm not inclined to spend the huge effort needed to get them from a trustworthy source. If I have any integrity I can't correct you when I don't know that you're wrong.

      But your idea that a corporation that did bad stuff years ago should not be allowed to play a role in the food business is ludicrous. I'll give you three examples. (1) Germany, before and during the second world war did horrible things. Who thinks today's Germans can't partake in whatever business they like? (2) Archer Daniels Midland was recently convicted of major price-fixing and conspiracy. Who thinks they should be prevented from participating in the food business? (3) Remember that the BIG player in the Agent Orange story was the US Armed Forces. Both 2,4,5T and 2,4D were known to cause illness and their use in the US was either banned or highly restricted. The US government (yours and mine) sprayed it all over Vietanm and told us it was safe. By your logic, we should ban the US government from any role in health-related matters. Of course, the political and military leaders of the sixties are not the political and military leaders today.

    • squat if despite the best efforts of the econuts putting out lies about this product Monsanto still sells it and makes $$ off of it.

    • Anyone who was at Monsanto when they produced 2,4-5 T for the U.S. government (part of "Agent Orange") is long since retired or has passed away. This issue is irrelevant. We don't condemn our friends in Germany because their grandparents tried to kill all the Jews in the world. Sometimes you have to move on.

    • then you CANNOT lose it!!!! PERIOD!! FINATA!!

      If I frivolously sue you for inflated damages due to wrongful injury suffered in an auto accident in court and win, YOU LOSE. NOBODY ELSE not a party to the case LOSES in court. Now it could be argued that others may be harmed, i.e. their insurance rates go up if the insurance company loses enough of these cases. But nobody else lost the court case.

      So you may argue that the verdict hurt Monsanto but not that they lost the case. If thatis your argument however I would still take an opposing view. 1) Their report was a msinterpretation of facts and most importantly 2) That with both sides of the story out the growth hormone is still being chosen by dairy farmers for use.

      Which either means your side of the story is true and the dairy farmer is stupid or two you story is false and the dairy farmer knows it from his/her experience.

      Once again I am correct however. You cannot lose a case you are not a party to.

    • freconut?

      That is from May, 1998. This is July, 2001. In between that time the merger was called off. I never denied that they thought about merging.

      In May of 1998 this was a completely true statement. In 2001 it is not. So the SEC remains a reliable source. I'm sure if you search the EDGAR database it will show you where this merger was terminated.

      So Shapiro telling the truth in 1998 in no way makeshim a lying freconut of 2001.

    • c_rader is telling you that you are wrong about MON/DLP. (Which I have told you as well) Your sources and you ARE WRONG ON THIS!!!! The deal is off, has been off for some time and probably will never be on again.

      To my knowledge c_rader has not weighed in on the Agent Orange issue. I am the one who has disputed the Agent Orange material. I have posted my information and stand by it.

      In the future if you just post the website link, it:

      1) Is much easier for the reader to access the information.

      2) Allows the reader to see the words as written and not lifted parts.

      3) Allows the source website to be revealed (something I expect you don't want known)

      Then if you want to highlight or summarize talking points great. This just makes it much easier for people to disect.

      If Monsanto was connected to Agent Orange it still has perfectly legitimate business right gaining market share in the food industry. If a company makes rat poison can it not also have a share in making a life-saving drug (for rats or humans)???

      By the way, Agent Orange hasn't been produced for how long now? By any company, or more specifically any US military group (who are the ones responsible for Agnet Orange) Mr. Queeny has not been head of Monsanto for how long now? Monsanto up until its merger with Pharmacia produced chemicals and life-saving/enhancing medicines simultaneously for how long? Time to live in the present like the rest of the real world.

      I'll agree with this point of yours ONLY IF you'll agree that because econut websites have proven lies appearing on them, that econuts have no business gaining credibility in the information dissemination industry.

      Anyway the jury has spoken, the judge wants you econuts to report for psychiatric evaluation and Monsanto wins!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'll ask you for the second time.
      Post what you believe to be the truth about Monsanto and the Agent Orange connection. I gave you my version. If ANY of it is untrue, point it out and correct it. I will see if you are correct. If Monsanto was connected with Agent Orange like I have been saying, they have NO business gaining ANY market power over food.

    • tgxspl, I didn't say you were posting lies. I said I trusted your sincerity.

      I predicted that if you made a list of misleading information from both Monsanto and the parasite groups, you would find that the parasites misinformation is more numerous, more recent, and increasing. You don't seem to acknowledge that the anti-GMO crowd puts out any misinformation.

      Frankly, this surprises me. You trust these groups, but they don't trust you. They manipulate you. Why doesn't that make you angry.

      Usually we are more upset by transgressions by those in whom we have placed our trust. The minister who sexually abuses children shocks us more than the crimes of the mafia. Liberals are more upset by Bill Clinton's perversions than by those of Jim Baker, and conservatives just the reverse.

      I think we can agree that if anyone has taken advantage of your trust it is not Monsanto, even if they might want to. You clearly don't trust Monsanto.

      My question is why you trust Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Vandana Shiva, Earth Action Alliance, Organic Consumers Association, National Corn Growers Association, Genetic Action Alert, etc. All these groups have disseminated so much false and misleading information that they deserve at least as much scepticism as Monsanto.

      You would gain significant credibility from me if you would show that you are bothered by lies from the anti-GMO side.

    • tgsxpl, your `facts' about terminator are wrong, but close enough to right to confuse you. A lot of the parasites' propaganda is carefully composed that way.

      1) Monsanto and Delta and Pine Land did agree to merge. But the DOJ neither approved or reversed it. Eventually Monsanto got tired of waiting and backed out.

      2) The teminator patent (US patent number 5,723,765) was issued to Delta and Pine Land and the USDA, jointly. Monsanto doesn't own it, and never owned it.

      3) The first fields were burned by protestors
      opposed to ``Monsanto's terminator technology'' were burned (cotton trials in India) a few years befor the 1998 offer by Monsanto to buy Delta and Pineland. The protestors were local farmers who were incited by two lies, not one. The first lie was that the fields contained terminator technology -- they didn't. The second lie was that the crop would make their own crops sterile -- it wouldn't.

      There are also some other relevant facts about terminator which you ought to know. They back up my claim that your mind has been manipulated by the parasites.

      1) Terminator is an idea, not a product. There are no plants anywhere that have the terminator gene construct. Delta and Pine Land Co. would like to license its technology and predicts that it will be ready to do so in about five years. Check out their annual report. You can get a free copy from the Wall Street Journal.

      2) Although there's no terminator seed in existence, ther are numerous crops for which farmers either do not or should not save seed. For some crops, like seedless grapes, this is pretty obvious. Other crops are hybrids and their seeds produce crops so different from the parents that they are virtually worthless as crops. Almost all tree fruit comes from grafts, so the seeds in the fruit will not produce a plant with good root characteristics.

      Finally, and probably a surprise to most people, plants have been bred for sterility for decades without biotechnology. These plants are not sold to farmers but to breeders who want to produce hybrids. They can control what crosses with what, which is vital to successful hybridization research.

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