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  • creyj60 creyj60 Jul 11, 2001 9:28 AM Flag

    You Decide

    Trust the candy-coated, sensationalized hype to draw conclusions? Dig up the following:

    Date: July 8, 2001
    Move to Curb Biotech Crops Ignores Poor, U.N. Finds
    Opposition in richer countries to genetically modified crops may set back the ability of the poorest nations to feed growing populations, according to a new United Nations survey.
    Source: The New York Times
    Section: World

    Want the real deal. Read the UN Human Development Report 2001 at:

    Dolphin, tell me one more time, who is doing more to end world hunger? Are corporate handouts the sustainable way to end world hunger? When was the last time Greenfleece or any of the other EcoFreak cults made such contributions through their actions or donations?

    Your efforts against technological advancement = poverty = higher probability of hunger and disease = less people = advancement of the ecofreak agenda (valuing all other life forms and inanimate objects above human life). You�re a piece of garbage.

    Expose the Myth
    Organic Sux
    Truth Will Prevail

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    • "I realize if I were to do that with you guys it would be childish. Not to mention I'd be so busy pointing out errors, I wouldn't have time to dig up Monsanto dirt."

      So it is your contention you don't do this. Well just to be childish when I get a pisspot full of free time, I'll go back and point out every one of the times you have pointed out spelling and or grammatical errors. I'll even include who was the first one to bring up spelling.

      I'll do your homework assignment. It's not like we haven't been doing it anyway pointing out all your inconsistencies and lies.

      Still haven't heard if your Agent Orange website is the same reliable one that posts false...OK...outdated merger news.

    • If you would read that series of posts, you would realize your error(creyj has already seen his). NOWHERE in that exchange, did I point out any spelling or grammar errors. I realize if I were to do that with you guys it would be childish.

      Not to mention I'd be so busy pointing out errors, I wouldn't have time to dig up Monsanto dirt. But, luckily I'm not childish.

    • presume you mean any organization that agrees with your agenda. Because if they don't, then you would not consider them environmental organizations but merely corporate mouthpieces.

      Why would an organization whose economic survival depends upon spreading myths and lies be any more dependable than a corpoaration's views? That is precisely the bias point which c_rader is addressing.

      If a=vested monetary interest and b=intentional misinformation, you can't say "a=b in one instance but when I agree with it doesn't"

      C_rader is saying so you go to c which = no monetary interest/unbiased information. But according to you there is no such thing and most certainly can't be if it disagrees with your agenda.

    • See my earlier posts. Your underestimation of YOUR childish behavior is just more freconut revisionism. Boy I hope I spelled everything right.

    • points I was making. Perhaps if enough people post it the freconut will grasp the concept. Doubtful, but I'm ever the optimist. As I said, Rainblow is too busy looking for misspellings to be bothered with the point of a post.

    • freconut technique.

      >>I�d be a lying piece of shit <<

      Taking something out of context. Rainblow would have it stop right there because the freconut thinks it supports some whacked out view of his. They like to lift things out of context and/or not post the whole story.

      If you would just accept monarch studies for what the freconuts say they mean...if you would just accept potato/rat studies for what they say they mean...if you would just look at this quote taken of context and let us freconuts interpret it for you.

      The key point missed by Rainbow here is that creyj said I'd be a lying piece of shit. As in "would be." Unlike a freconut that "is" a lying piece of shit.

    • answer to your question. You simply asked why did they settle a case. Reminding you that I still have no links to actual court decisions and whether not any decisions were appealed and what outcome any subsequent appeals may have had, I accepted everything you state as gospel (A bold and stupid move by me considering the number of lies you have told thus far). $100 mil could still be a cheaper amount to settle on if they stood to lose more. The claims could still be baseless but if they stood to lose 500 mil. Regardless of the merits of the case, it would be a smart business move. You see it would have saved money and if they were able to stem further lawsuits that could cost even more, then so mcuh the samrter business move.

      Now I will still wait for your links to the court decisions or even the case numbers so I can do further research into appeals, etc. I'm sure if a case was appealed and found in favor of a corporation the freconuts would not broadcast that.

    • it is apparently time for you to amke another list. Left hand column should be for times you've pointed out my misspellings (you could do another chart on using those misspellings to equate it with one's intelligence too). The right hand column will be the number of times I pointed out your misspellings.

      *note*-YOU were the first one to point out misspellings-when you had no logical argument or facts to support your case. Talk about children.

      Anyway I am very confident that the facts will not support your thesis.

      I have already conceded that you do a much better job spelling than I do. HINT-it has to do with the fact that I am a terrible typist and don't put a high priority on proofreading anonymous intenet message board posts (especially ones countering the lies of freconuts). The concept for me is to get the point (and subsequently the truth) across and not getting an A+ in spelling.

      But I look forward to this chart supporting yet another one of your lies. Just one more case of freconut revisionist history.

    • Dolphuck McReamBlow,

      You�re too funny. I�m actually laughing at your stupidity and gullibility. I never believed I would actually encounter a true yo-yo (Probably a little too deep for you to understand. Better add psych to that list of recommended courses).

      �I�m actually taking lessons from the modern day EcoFreak propaganda machine, that is seize every opportunity to misconstrue and distort information and intentions.�

      Get it? Never mind.

      Expose the Myth
      Organic Sux
      Truth will Prevail

    • Dolphuck McReamBlow,

      It�s no surprise you�re too fucking stupid to figure out what parasites c_rader is referring to. By the way, I still have the cordless drill available so you can liberate that dung beetle from the inside of your skull.

      Expose the Myth
      Organic Sux
      Truth will Prevail

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