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  • trigometricsone trigometricsone Jan 18, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    MERCK- Tried and Failed to get their Migraine Patch FDA Approved (NuPathe FDA Approved)

    Total manipulation today but Merck will partner or buy out Nupathe now that it's FDA Approved.Ask yourself why Merck tried to get FDA approval on their migraine delivery system.Strong Buy.

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    • One issue is about dilution and they won't be doing that as they will partner first,or get bought out as they don't intend to market this untill later this year.Major pharma companies are looking for acquisitions as their patents on drugs they currently sell have expired or expiring in the near future as the patents have reached their alloted time for protection.Alot of short shares have to be covered now after today as this the worst that could happen on option expiration day and shorts were out in force.Only 14,000 shares and 10,000 of those were traded,mostly shorted.

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      • If partnering happens quickly, then no dilution, but if no partnering in the near future, then dilution is imminent. If MERCK is interested, then it is the best of times. But, I stand by statement above concerning LEVEDEX possible approval in April. Not sure how that would affect this product's ability to gain market share. I am not in that stock (MAPP). But, if that drug runs into trouble with the FDA again, then PATH will be in the drivers seat. JMO

        As far as today's trading, I agree that manipulation was total.

    • Merck knows the sales revenues generated by this product otherwise they would of never spend Millions trying to get FDA Approval,but failed.

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    • It's probably the only hope for this company to be bought out, otherwise down from here.