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  • drjwater drjwater Aug 19, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Think about Armando and Terri lossing millions, and feel their pain


    Well lets think about this Armando was given 1,270,000 shares and lost today $177,800 and Terri Schree has a ton of shares, between the two of them they lost over $1,000,000 million dollars today. Since FDA they have lost over $7 million dollars in personnal valve. Great direction, your doing a real bang up job guys. What was that movie? Brewsters millions when he had to spend 50 million in a month. Looks like our top notch team is working on that. Think about how they will have to start over and work from the bottom up to gain back what they lost? Wow really brings tears to your eyes. Well great job on holding out for a better offer and trying to go it alone. I hope everything works out fine.

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    • At this point, neither Armando nor Terri care about loosing money every day, they are here for the long term - sooner or later they will turn their investment into major profit. For us, it is painful to see our investment go down every day like this as we tend to be on a rush trying to get some profit here and invest elsewhere. If you were to just lock this company down for a year or two regardless of the stock going up/down a few pennies, you will eventually make 2-3 times of your investment which is itself a great investment. The choice is yours, either fuss around with the price going down or stay positive for 1-2 year and let things ride.

    • Really stinks. I justt added 700 shares this morning at $2.68. It brought down my purchase avg. for all my shares so I guess we wait.

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      • Last week we inched up, this week we took another hit. There's no confidence holding this stock. The Doc's post is spot on, these guys are putting it all on the line, playing their hand in the world's biggest casino at the Biotech Table where it would appear the stakes are winner takes all or nothing!

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      • Wait is really all we can do. If this doesn't pan out it will be my worst investment ever and my last. Looks like management won't be saying anything for awhile. At the rate we are going they may tell us that plans didn't work out around December. Hard to stay positive with this company.