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    4 The Love Of God #$%$...

    I said I would not comment again on this board, but I can't help myself. Once again you are focused on following the daily trading and allowing the trends to influence your thoughts in thinking PATH is dead and the management is horrendous ETC... How many times does it have to be said, between inside ownership and the major 4 there is 90% of this stock held! They are the ones buying as many shares as they can, as cheap as possible while simultaneously getting rid of anybody who is interested in selling the stock the second it starts to pop. They know exactly where this stock is going and when..... This is all a game to them and they are in it to make a massive killing. Stop coming up with pointless theories as to why the stock keeps going down and working yourself into a frenzy.... Hold the damn stock and walk away. This company IS popping to 10+ per share sometime between now and December 31st. You will wake up one morning and read about the partnership and it will open at the previous IPO price.... Then when retail investors jump on board the major 4 unload with minimal price deterioration. I am not about to repeat myself about who the board of directors are, where they came from, who the CEO is, where he came from and the sales potential of this stock. Nor the lease, the employee severance package changes, the inquire's into the company by many large organizations or the many other reasons we know what I'm saying is the 100% truth. Just sit back and accept the fact the price play right now means absolutely #$%$ all regarding where the stock is going to go. It's a (CLEANING OUT) Thats all it is. The price is already determined at $10 per share... The time frame has already been decided. The major 4 know this, you don't.... so buy options, buy shares, hold on to what you have and forget about it. Nothing will change as everything has already been set in stone by the current holders.... Again, for the love of god........

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    • Figured it was time to bump this. Seems like the new posters never even read through this. Everything is happening like I've been saying all along, just review my previous threads / posts.

    • I agree with palmer. When the owners start selling shares then it's time to worry. I am glad there is no news yet. It allows me to buy more as I have extra cash each month.

    • Palmer,

      You seem like an intelligent person and have a good grasp of how the markets work. Unfortunately you are dead wrong about PATH. I really wish you were right, but you need to understand how the pharmaceutical industry works. Zecuity is a 505(b)(2) approved drug. This is basically an alternative delivery form for an existing generic drug molecule. In order to be reimbursed by payers, 505(b)(2)’s must show significant clinical benefit over the existing, significantly cheaper, generic form. That is the fundamental problem with Zecuity; $100 for a single patch versus $2 for a pill. Zecuity will never be reimbursed because it does not provide a significant clinical benefit to patients. It isn’t even more convenient than a pill. Have you ever heard of Rube Goldberg?

      This is why other drug companies won’t touch Zecuity. Nobody is going to swoop in and buy them for $8+. They would have done so already. The current shareholders and management are not as smart as you think they are. THEY ARE SIMPLY OUT OF OPTIONS!

      It will cost PATH $50 million to commercialize this on their own. With a market cap of $75 million, they are never going to be able to raise that kind of cash. They should be looking at a three-way merger with two other companies that have similar products but lack commercial scale.

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      • You are so wrong.

        1. Zecuity is patented and the patent covers until 2029. Zecuity != Triptan ;

        2. No single drug will intend to treat all indications for all patients, neither is Zecuity. If you suffer from MRN and are afraid of needles or you cannot drive to the nearest medical center, Z is for you.

        3. Z will be priced at $120+/unit as tier-3 drug and covered 90% by insurance (see the presentation). given the 1.5 million MRN sufferers, even 10% take Z, that will be $432 million revenue.

        4. Path will not be cheap, otherwise, it will have already been sold. Price tag, refer to MAPP

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      • ha rocket, what part of the cost factors related to MRN don't you get. Emergency room visits, overnight stays in a hospital room, IV medications, lost of productivity, 100 bucks a pop for Z isn't cheap I give you that, but for patients with recurring attacks and can't take the $2 pill Z is cheaper then the alternative.

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      • treene Aug 20, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

        personally i think your wrong but just my opinion. first off Zecurity does show a significant benefit over other options. cures a migraine within 2 hours with the effect of vomiting a pill back up and also the risk of side effects from the inhaler, and as far as the price of $2 for a pill i don't know where you come up with that. sounds pretty inexpensive for a migraine pill. also the said that they would not be launching Zecurity until the 4th quarter. that means that it was and is going to take them until then to manufacture the supply needed for the 10,000 physicians waiting on it. if a buyout company is there with an offer or an offer is in place you can believe they are going to wait that all things are set in stone before they sign the take over papers. they are not going to come out of this with mudd on there face like the company that bought Mapp and now can't use it. don't know what people can't understand about 4th quarter launch. they said this from the very begining and they are sticking to it. also no one ever said that there were buyout offers on the table, people are reading that into the Safe cc they had. oh well just my opinion but the management team is much more suitable than all give them credit for

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      • And how do you know the management has been struggling with a partnership or buyout offer? For all we know other companies could have been lining up to get with Path, there could even be something in the final stages which we will hear about any week now.

        My thoughts are only but a Theory. Your thoughts are also only but a Theory. The reality is nobody knows exactly what is happening, we only have Theories!

        Time will tell m3rocket. One of us is right.

    • I sure hope you are right. On one hand its been going on 8 months since approval and not a thing. On the other hand management is very experienced in this field and has a proven track record and the 'big 4' investors could be there to convert warrants should more cash be needed without diluting more to get us through the first half of 2014.

      As some have stated they probably have a partnership or two to 'fall back on' should a sale of the company not materialize. The company is worth at least $6 per share ($300 million) in my opinion so any good news at this point could be met with aggressive buying.

    • treene Aug 19, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

      i wish people would read your post and get it through there heads that what you said is exactly what is happening and about to happen. good post

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