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  • ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw Sep 13, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    Should I spend $100 on my headache today or feed the kids?

    The problem is, and always has been, and always will be, that $100 a pop is ridiculous. Until and unless this is covered by insurance it is exorbitant and even if and when it is covered not everyone has coverage for drugs.
    "Doctor, what about this new headache stuff I heard about on TV.?"

    "I didn't know it was advertised on TV. That must cost millions of dollars. Well, Mrs. Jones, I will give you a prescription but it will cost you $400 a week since you get 4 headaches a week,"

    "But Doctor, I can't afford $400 a week...that's $20,800 a year." "And, Doctor, I don't even have insurance for drugs so even if it were covered by insurance it wouldn't help me.."

    "The stuff you are presently taking is the same exact thing as the $100 stuff you are taking...If it makes you nauseous I'll give you a prescription for #$%$ and you'll be just fine...just fine...just fine...better than just fine...really fine."

    And you wonder why no one will offer enough for PATH to beat the IPO PPS or a reasonable partnership deal. Would you invest hundreds of millions of dollars in this company? No. And no one else will. If I had hundreds of millions of dollars I'd find other alternative investments unless I could buy PATH for peanuts. You cannot market this stuff by calling on doctors with commissioned sale people. A TV campaign is the only way and that costs a lot which PATH does not have.


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    • Basher! Headache is not Migraine even thought migraine involves headaches. If Migraine is as simple as headaches, MAPP would not have been bought for nearly $1B.

      Try harder next time.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • First point, is that these are not headaches. They're migraines and if you have ever had one they are debilitating. If you take a pill for a migraine and get nausea and start throwing up on top of a migraine you would be looking for an alternative. Even at 2.5% percent of the 8 million people who experience migraines and nausea NuPathe will make a lot of money.

      If they get 80,000 (1%) of 8 million who only take the patch 1 time per month at $150 dollar they are going to make $144 million per year.

      400,000 people (5%) taking Z at $100 per month will make them $480 million per year.

      Path is shooting for 200,000 people taking Z about twice per month which at $100 would be $480 million per year.

      With an approximately 80 million dollar market cap I would say if any of the scenarios above happened then you will be very happy with this investment. You can't understand how much Z is worth to people who have no current alternative. If you get a migraine and can't do anything, but sit on the couch and vomit from your current prescribed meds then how much would Z be worth to you once per month?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw Sep 13, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

      Why can't you say mmeeddiiccaall nmaarrijjuuaannaa" on YAHOO??????
      Can you say pot or ganja?

    • One would appreciate clarification from the company on the proposed reimbursement issues. You are right that if there is limited reimbursement then Nupathe will have a problem getting the public to buy into this product. With reimbursement the premium price point of $150 would not be a problem.

      Regarding a TV campaign.........this is premordial in getting rapid market penetration. You only have to look at how mediocre is Arena's performance with Belviq at the moment (no TV campaign as of yet) to see how important a TV campaign with a 'Big Name' is to get traction on the sales front.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw ihavethelongestaliasyoueversaw Sep 13, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

      You can't say #$%$" on YAHOO?

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