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  • malph_ralph Sep 19, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    A move like this means they must have a partner

    JMO, but its a bold step to make if you dont have a partner because NuPathe cant fund this and the operation it is set up to run by themselves right?
    Partner announcement is imminent IMO.

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    • The termination clause in the lease makes me think hard.If they have a partner ready why would you need such a clause? Makes no sense to me.Ok next thing that worries me is if the company is so dependant on a partner even for signing a lease then why did they not start the partner finding process much earlier ahead of approval ? They start the lookout for partner untill after Z approval,they keep extending lease month on month,no update on launch date,still actively trying to find a partner,and now the office move attached with a termination clause.Put together all the puzzles and what emerges out is the management is as clueless as we are and are just going by the flow on a everyday basis hoping for things to click someday.

    • If a partnership is likely don't you think the PPS would be rising? Seems like many think this is a go it alone plan and the PPS gets diluted big time.

    • Firstly, we're seeing several biotech companies launch the drugs themselves, such as Regeneron (REGN) and Vertex (VRTX), and become very profitable, resulting in massive increases in the stock performance.

      Secondly, we're seeing companies continue to get acquired by Big Pharma for late-stage pipeline. One of our IPOs from 2010, Trius (TSRX), completed two pivotal studies in acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections and was just bought by Cubist (CBST) for more than $800 million this summer. We had another IPO from earlier this year, Omthera, which is developing a new omega-3 fish oil and was acquired by AstraZeneca (AZN).

      So we're seeing this innovation and this productivity out of the sector yield not only more profitable biotech companies, but also a lot of M&A, and that's really what's garnering investor attention.

    • NuPathe can fund it. They issue several million more shares, hire sales staff and pay someone else to manufacture Zecuity. I hope not but that is a real possibility.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • First of this point launch in Q4 is highly questionable. I've been a medical sales leader for 15 years, you cannot build a sales force in less than 3 months. Recruiting and interviewing the right candidates which takes at least a month if everything goes well, employees giving 2-4 weeks notice to their old jobs to collect bonus', new hire training, hitting the field takes this much time. Then, you don't see critical mass for 6-12 months in terms of prescriptions, orders, and your sales force getting really good (finding and overcoming physician obstacles). If they have not hired salespeople yet as said a few weeks ago, we will see nothing in Q4 and maybe even Q1. In order to launch, we have to be partnered or close to it now.

      • malph_ralph Sep 19, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

        yes thats the only way but that would have had to start already no? 4Q launch, new building and no issuance or indication of such? that would've had to have been disclosed by now, as athens says it cant have been decided in the last week since they presented

      • I'd be surprised. I would think making a move to go it alone just a week after the conference, where they talked about their potential partnerships, would incite the anger and legal assaults of shareholders. You can't just change your mind, find a building and sign a lease in a week.

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