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  • cameron.farzanfar cameron.farzanfar Sep 25, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    For What Its Worth

    I received a response e-mail from John Woolford today asking me to call him which I did. I asked him about the number of employees currently listed as full time with Nupathe - to which he replied 15. But what I found interesting is that he said there are a "ton of consultants in the building" and basically alluded to the fact that consultants are brought in when the end result is unclear (i.e. going it alone, partnership, buyout, etc.). he also mentioned that he gets a ton of calls from investors and tells them the same thing - so some of you have probably heard this.

    I am not a DD expert by any means and don't know if this information helps/hurts. I do like a lot of the opinions on the board and just wanted to share this info that I got from John as well.

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    • Thanks for the update. Most likely this guy is honest. At this moment, nothing is certain and can be talked. Not a DD expert either but have followed this #$%$ for a while, here is what I think:

      1. Buyout is out of the table, at least within the next 12 months. PATH (and myself) believes "Z" will be a big hit to the market and had a much higher price tag. Drove by PATH's new location the other day, honestly, it is far away from what a billion $$$ firm look like. The Suitor would say, show me how "Z" works.

      2. The partnership is still in negotiation. If you read between lines, Mr A mentioned "Z is such a good product and we also want to keep a portion of it". Need "complement to our own strength". I guess the partner wants exclusive marketing rights and PATH wants to do it alone for some part. if you look a the most recent presentation, headache specialists prescribes 31 million units while primary care 50 million units? PATH wants to do the headache specialists?

      3. Regardless what ,we will hear something shortly. It an be anyone of the following in that order ( purely speculation, take you own risk)

      a. Partnership announcement, $50 million initial payment 35% royalty rate -- PPS $6
      b. Deerfield provide $100 million credit facility bearing interest rate 10%, with initial trench of $20 million and second trench $30 million upon milestone of first 90 days sales figures -- PPS $5
      c. SFE and other holders pump in $50 million, including the exercise of 10 million warrants at $2/share, PPS $4
      d. Secondary offering of 25 million shares at $2 a share, proceeds = $50 million -- PPS $2

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Interesting note but it sounds like they don't know what to do so they ask a bunch of highly paid consultants to figure it out for them. I guess no imminent news. Oh well our wait continues. Lets see where the PPS ends up before any announcment.

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