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  • benny7459 benny7459 Oct 9, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Where does price go on Partnership news?

    I am really curious what will happen to price if/when they annouce partnership. We already know that GIA most likely causes price to drop below $2, with slow recovery. Buy-out is an easy one to figure out. But what happens with partnership news. Is it one of those cases where people so happy to finally have some good news that price doubles. Or are people so disenfranchised at this point that we get a decent 10-20% boost and quickly retreats. Partnership is better than GIA short-term, but in both cases we still have to wait until sales start coming in to see a true growth in share price. That is why I am hoping after all this waiting that it is a clean buy-out and everyone makes a nice profit and moves on with their lives, and I can end my addiction. Thoughts?

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