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  • crazyworld4u crazyworld4u Oct 17, 2013 12:08 PM Flag


    I don't think this decline has anything to do with PATH itself.
    To me, it looks like some large fund is being forced to liquidate, probably numerous positions, to cover either redemptions and/or margin calls. I expect a fast, sharp snapback when the forced selling is completed.

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    • This all started getting out of control when they announced the new lease and incorporated the 50m cash raise with the cancellation clause. Anido had better had it in the bag then. our market cap depending on what share count number you use is 57-77m. If he showed his hand without having this nailed down his options may be few. He may be forced to fold and take any deal if there is one out there. We will find out soon how good a poker player our CEO is.

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      • You nailed it s52teve. That is when the bleeding really started gushing. We all knew the longer this went the less leverage they would have do to being more desperate for cash to stay afloat much less launch. The filing 2 days ago with the manufacturer just accelerated things even more. On the bright side we are holding well above $1.50 which I think would be the price point for dilution. The big 4 will of course be a apart of it so they may actually benefit by getting more shares at $1.50 while the rest of us retail are stuck at much higher B/E prices.

        There may be a class action against NuPathe should they dilute so late in the game and so low I think. That will just add more bad headlines to an already falling stock price. At this point it may as well go to $0 and be done with it already so we can not have to worry about 'missing out' should this thing ever be a good investment!

    • treene Oct 17, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

      that and the fact that a number of posters here are calling management crooks. saying we are going bk and that armando dropped the ball and that he is a fraud. good posting for anyone thinking of coming here and buying some shares. that would scare anyone away from buying. good job guys. once again crybabies try with a lemonade stand first next time before investing

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      • You realize you are the one starting to act like a crybaby. How long do you think it takes to make a deal after getting FDA approval 10 months, 14 months, 2 years? Even Congress when pushed made a deal in 16 days. And they are the worst deal makers of all time. No I think our criticism of management is justified and the PPS todate proves it. Maybe they pull this out in the 11th hr. If so we will all rejoice. Until then I'm not going away. One last point these message boards are here so we can express ourselves. It's one of our rights under the constitution last I looked. If you don't like what someone says don't read their postings and stop your crying.

    • Thats logical since there has been no news from Management ever. I'm trying to stay positive. Expensive new digs, working on partnership, many facets are in place, manufacturer,etc. Haven't sold yet but if this goes bankrupt I will not be able to recover. If I get my $3 a share back I will be greatfull. Good luck. Lets pray we hear news about a partnership this week. Another week of this torture may do me in.

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      • me you are not the only one.......I truly think Armando is a fraud and I am betting he is the one dumping the shares before filling for chapter 11.....I am absolutely news would be logical but in this case there hasn't been any news since January....I put in a stop at 1.75 if it hits I am out........lost close to 10 grand but at least saved my #$%$ 18 more...

      • Stop worrying about bankruptcy! That is simply not even possible for at least a year or two. The company would first have to see several quarters of bad sales for that to happen and they haven't even started selling yet! Also, you need to change your mindset about being grateful to see $3 again! If the product is as useful as we all believe it is, $3 is way too low.

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