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  • ozzman_is_the_best ozzman_is_the_best Oct 18, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    About to have a stroke

    Geez come on now!... I'm backing up the truck and loading up at 1.50 but still! come on now

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    • I just had a stroke!!! This is crazy.....most biotech stocks tank at one time...maybe 2 days tops. That is usually caused by news...this drop is caused on speculation. I'm losing money like crazy!! Just always remember....its not a loss until you hit the sell button. My finger is on the button.......

    • Stroke hell. I'm hiding all the weapons in the house so my wife can't find anything to kill me with when she finds out how much money has been lost. This better turn around quickly or I am in big trouble which will last along time. This is unbelievable. Never saw a stock drop so consistently for so long without any negative news. Just my luck to load up on this one.

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      • Good idea titus!!! Also, we can only lose $1.66 more and 'they' can't take any more from us. At this point I wouldn't buy any more its just not worth the risk. Yes, one can make good money here at these levels but the way this is falling they can lose it just as quickly. This whole PR, equity and partnership thing appears to have been botched. Large non 'big 4' investors seem to be bailing if for no other reason they are tired of waiting. To raise $50 million now would double current shares outstanding not including warrants usually given away in such a deal. PATH will survive but the stock may never have a chance to get to its full potential if they do indeed dilute this low and this late in the game.

        Where will she trade next week I wonder?

    • watch the crooks announce something at the markets closing on a Friday ( today? ) and, by the close of after hours trading, they buy with both hands driving the PPS way up so very few have an opportunity to take advantage prior to the opening Monday morning! Slick insiders and their co-conspiring friends. Lovely.

    • why are you so bold that 1.5 is the bottom? There is no bottom its going to be a penny stock and Armando is going to come out and say we are filing for bankruptcy because there is no interest in the product

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • why at 1.50 ozz? Why not wait til there is some semblance of support?