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  • zippy_icon zippy_icon Oct 21, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    Stock Consultant

    I've been emphasizing a lot about how oversold the stock is and why reversal is imminent. I recommend some of you to dwell into the technical aspects of the chart to see where we are heading. One good source is on NASDAQ's website. Click on "Stock Consultant" under Stock Analysis. You will get a very detailed technical analysis. Based on the information, it is evident that the stock is taking a Bullish approach (7 bullish vs. 1 bearish). Overall summary 85% bullish, 15% bearish; 100% upside, 30% downside.

    Position Indicators support a strong bullish trend. Based on these analyses, it appears that even without any news the stock should move sideways or higher. If we have good news, we can easily skyrocket.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • OCT 24 Summary:

      6 bullish vs. 1 bearish; 100% bullish, 0% bearish; 50% upside, 30% downside; RSI (14) = 24.33; BREAKOUT CONFIRMATION

      Note: Breakout is confirmed, target minimum 1.88

      Good Luck.

    • Guess I really do not understand. They move into a new building, twice the size, with no staff? They have no sales staff? They say nothing about delaying production and sales though they have no sales staff. They have an FDA approved product and patents for this delivery system until 2025. Can someone help me understand this situation? They have a partner to begin production. I have never owned a stock like this one. The fact that management is quiet tells me they have a partner. Why would they not just issue more shares a month or so ago and bite the bullet if they were going alone? At least shareholders would be informed. Being silent tells me a partnership is imminent. Thoughts?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You raise a valid point. If they were to go alone, they should have raised cash already and have the sales force team in payroll which takes another 30-45 days after they press the button. We haven't seen signs of either. My guess is that they are still in search for a suitable partner, however since we are already in Q4 with no signs of dilution and sales force, it makes us wonder that there is a backup deal (maybe a low ball offer) which they may eventually sign. I have a feeling that Armando will take most of Q4 time to find a suitable partner. Just my opinion.

      • I am right there with you CW. Everything appears to be lined up for a partnership announcement, but the gorilla in the room is why is an institutional investor getting out of PATH if such an announcement is right around the corner ? I sure don't have the answer, its times like these I wish I could just wake up in the morning and it was mid-December, PATH is trading north of $3.00 a share and the forecast for 2014 looks great. Wishful thinking of course.
        Until then I am sitting tight and debating daily on picking up more shares, my average PPS is around $2.52. But it sure is painful to see this drop 4%, 5%, etc....