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    i don't think there are any partners. i personally think that there is a buyout and it will be done by years end. shortest most evasive cc we have had to date. they say nupathe will not launch zecurity by the end of the fourth quarter, but that doesn't mean that someone else won't be launching it by the 1st of the i said it's JMHO but to have no one ask more questions about what is happening here and why he said it would be launched in the 4th qtr and not meeting the time frame signals to me they have washed there hands of it and will be letting the new company take over. i think the deal has been done since sept. and the new company said they would announce just before the start of the new year or very end of this year. well take care all and glta

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    • I myself was having the same gut feeling when listening to the CC. Mr. A says get the batch manufactured plus validated is a "substantial step" for securing a partner, kind of odd because that can be a milestone event. Actually, a lot of partnerships even signed before the FDA approval.

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    • Just curious. If a deal was done in September what benefits the company not to announce it???

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        it doesn't benefit path not to announce it. i feel they are under restrictions from whoever is buying them out to as when it can be announced. the buyout company wants everything ready for operation before the will let path announce anything such as having the product ready to launch. unlike when mapp was sold. they don't want to be holding there d-cks in there hands with no product. like buying a car for say 20 grand and you have to put the money up front and they tell you you can't have it for 6 months but thanks for the payment. i just don't see the need for path to have moved into a bigger better office without having something going for them. they were operating just fine where they were so no need to move unless incentive was there or were instructed to relocate. the cc just didn't feel right. short and no explanation of anything except aggressive partnering which i heard back in the spring cc's. armando seemed like he wanted to end the cc fast and it was

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    • It's another opinion, a possibility, and one opinion I'd like to embrace. They have really run themselves out of good leverage in negotiations, for the fact that they have let this happen to themselves and their shareholders borders on the height of irresponsibility. They've had 10 months from the approval only to come to this set of circumstances? PATIENCE and who here has it? Titusmabon does, others? I'm holding.

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      • I'm in. Holding until conclusion. Made a late decision tonight and bought a very small amount at $1.64 to help lower my avg cost. Done buying and will wait this out. The AH PPS is starting back up a bit. Tomorrow may surprise us. I feel we are a band of brothers with this stock. Would be hard for me to throw in the towel. Nothing is lost until you sell. Still have a good shot. Hope Treene is right about buyout. Interesting that they say Nupathe will not launch in 4th quarter. Did not say they moved it to 1st qtr. Hoping for the rumored bidding war. Maybe we win this battle in the end. It will be a sweet win. Good luck. Check in tomorrow.