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  • mobiletechsolutions Feb 22, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    Could any of us have said this any better? To Da Moon!!

    December 18th, 2013

    Dear Valued Shareholders,

    Over the past few months, we have made tremendous strides as a Company and we
    intend to continue with this trend.

    Moving forward, we seek to further strengthen Hollund Industrial Marine’s (HIMR)
    position in the marketplace by achieving several goals in 2014. Some of these include:

    • Extinguishing the majority of preferred shares
    • Increasing HIMR’s equity position within Bayano Lake Wood Products
    • Working with our partners to begin timber recovery in January 2014
    • Securing additional purchase orders – to translate into more revenues
    • Increasing shareholder upside potential
    • Securing additional wood recovery and reclamation projects
    • Managing TigerLynk operations on Lake Bayano

    Together, with your support, Hollund Industrial Marine has hit a major milestone in
    securing our first underwater timber recovery project. This has set the stage for HIMR
    to begin generating real revenues today; eventually increasing to levels of many
    millions of dollars yearly – perhaps one day achieving a market cap in the hundreds of
    millions of dollars. This is the future we are looking forward to.

    The reasoning is simple. Our management team is tenacious, committed and persistent.
    These are the very values we clung to when certain antagonists attempted to defame
    our integrity and our supporters began to loose faith. Regardless of how long it took, we
    got the job done.

    I say this to make it crystal clear; our shareholders should best understand that even in
    our silence, we are working in the interest of the Company. Our Company includes our
    shareholders. This is why our most recent announcement of eliminating the preferred
    shares is so profoundly important.

    We all know that those particular shares are an eyesore for future funding possibilities.
    It is certainly a hindrance on potential shareholder upsi

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    • mobiletechsolutions Feb 22, 2014 7:34 PM Flag

      de. In 2012, if you recall, we
      gave so much time to reducing the issued and outstanding share count, only to have the
      company’s float dramatically increased virtually overnight. There indeed was a feeling of suffocation by us all. Some of you even felt lied to. However, what could we do other
      than bide our time, keep our nose to the grind and put this Company in a position where
      it could react from a position of strength.

      This first project gave us that strength. The majority shareholder of the Preferred C
      shares agreed with that assessment of strength. As it revolves around a number of
      circumstances in order to conclude this transaction [retirement of preferred c shares],
      just fewer than 100% of those Preferred C shares will be retired by year end; with no
      future recourse. This is real progress, as there will be no further dilution stemming from
      those shares.

      We are currently working with our partners to compile an exciting exhibit of pictures
      for your viewing pleasure. Our senior partner has agreed to assist us in this regard and
      will look to have pictures taken over this weekend. We are incredibly excited about
      releasing these photos to the world; especially those which will include our executive
      team recovering some of the first logs in January.

      In 2014, with proper funding, HIMR has the opportunity to develop additional projects
      and purchase orders exceeding $50 million.

      We will not expand in detail at this time, but we do want you to be mindful that we have
      long said that we will not initiate an unwarranted reverse. Even when faced with having
      to either reverse or increase the authorized, we went with the lesser of the two evils,
      because of the commitment we made to our shareholders, and, because we knew we
      would ultimately be successful.

      So where does that leave us now?

      We have created a strategy that we strongly believe has every opportunity to wor

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      • mobiletechsolutions Feb 22, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

        favor of the shareholders and is a win/win for HIMR’s management and its investors –
        long-term. This strategy will not only aggressively restructure the Company without a
        reverse, but, will increase the upside potential to shareholders three-fold; transferring
        control over future dilution and funding to HIMR shareholders.

        This is the ambition of Hollund Industrial Marine: to become one of the greatest
        companies to emerge from the pits of the Pinksheet Markets. Not solely for our
        fundamental growth and production, but because of our view to achieve real long-term
        growth and stability for our shareholders.

        The fact is, things may not be as pretty as we would like to see them, but WE DO get
        things done. What we look to achieve next for our shareholders, may or may not come
        to fruition the way we envision it, but we’ve already proven that our intentions are real
        and our commitment is unwavering.

        I, Peter Meier, would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued
        shareholders in believing in this management and our Company moving forward.


        Peter Meier

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