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  • Who says you an't short a .0001 stock,it is being shorted from .0002 down to .0001,those who are constantly bashing the stock are doing just that-Don't be fooled by them.

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    • NASD OTC rule, can't short a stock trading under $0.25. No ifs ands or buts. Might help if you knew the rules bub LOL! Oh and BTW--any stock you do short you are required to have $2.50/share traded, liquid equity in your trading account. Doesn't make any sense to short at any penny level. D-grosso2--you are a fool, and a fool and his money are soon parted.

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    • Question: What is your potential profit when you short at $.0001?
      What happens when your broker refuses to borrow shares to execute a short sale, because there is NO PROFIT in it?

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      • Can't short stocks at these Ridiculously low prices, it's not margin-able, that's a fact! There are no options for this stock which would be a way to short stocks that aren't high enough to short. Anyone who ever actually shorted a stock would know that. People that enjoy sticking their heads in the sand in denial believe that anyone as passionate as you about warning others has to be a short or representing shorts. Enjoy the holiday.

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