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  • oldfolks95610 oldfolks95610 Feb 13, 2013 2:27 PM Flag


    As I think I have mentioned before I was a big box retail manager for a few years after I got out of the contracting business. I haven't been shopping much lately but recently went to HD and LOW for several remodel items. The reason their stock has preformed is that 90% of their competition in several sectors have gone out of business giving them pricing power. It used to be that HD had a fairly large savings advantage down the aisle on incidental or go with items. This no longer is the case where I have noticed many price increases of probably 40% over the past two years since I have really needed to go to the home inprovement guys for anything serious. This low inflation idea is nonsense.
    I think I got a 1% raise on mee dole for old people. How can interest rates continue at these levels indefinitely?? Just have to figure out how to play mee thoughts. I may need some of those Venezulan bonds.

    Old with no interest

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    • hey!!!
      why don't you bought my XIN????????
      she is running !!

      Take a look at their chart. May have a long way to climb in short term , at least $5 is the gral opinions in that board.
      'm not selling and expecting this thing above $ 12 . When??? who knows....


    • Dear Master Old:
      travelling the last two nights and few people could understand my anger when some predicted things happen assuming i had never wanted to see them.

      Really can't understand how Ben continue printing money to cover your overspending without consequences.

      Everybody learn what they want. And if i read about American economy i not only do because it's the most important in the last century but because I love the American people in general.

      Being an anarchist because of my Argentine-born condition and a conservative in a no rule/laws country , had no choice but to try to understand and consider where we are going like a flock.

      The free mind is a must in order to survive. if you don't understand this you can understand the qty of my venezuelan bonds during the last ten years.
      Hate all kind of militarism and Venezuela is inside this. Venezuela did 10 days ago a great devaluation (40%) and now their bonds looks a little better, but the black market spread inside Venezuela has risen by the same percentage that the official devaluation.

      Now waiting to see what happens at the end of February in the NY courts against Argentina (Elliot against Argentina).
      feeling a hard situation for us and we may read in the newspapers about a " technical argentine default".

      If this happens 'll be a significant drop in our bonds and may be bottoming near the official price (our spread between the black market is above 50%) so we may be buying dollars with a 50% discount.
      That will be the time to buy our bonds because Argentina 'll continue paying for one way or another, and, incredibly, in the medium term we 'll have to devaluate like Venezuela giving a profit around 50% in one day.

      recommend our Global 17. paying (on june and december) just a bit below 5% semiannually.


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