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  • horacebello horacebello Feb 15, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    our magic kingdom...

    looking the photos of Chavez with his swollen face by his daughters.
    Can't understand the delay to call for new elections to maintain power.
    Chavez will never be able to resume his "job" and the only sensible thing is to keep him behind the scenes as much as possible. What can they do beyond that??

    When arrived January 10 and red venezuelans did a takeover command caused me some laughter. It was incredible. These things can only happen here, here is the South... Pure Magic Realism. Magic Realism full of undeniable value.
    thinking this situation represents us so well ...what happened that day in Venezuela and there was nothing else to laugh softly.

    An elected president who was barely breathing in an island many miles away from the event...while the best Russian and Cuban doctors working in conjunction by the Cuban health excellence helping him to stay alive... was accepted for another term ....for a new period...six more years....

    Fabulous ... this kind of magic, superstition or mystical story can not happen within developed countries.
    what are this people waiting for?
    Chavez is their only one possibility to remain in the "power"...
    the power....
    the power everywhere feels that 's a one of the greatest stupid the power....

    wait and see... how long Mr Chavez? like Mr Market...who knows ....
    but he'll never return to the power with this face.


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