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  • horacebello horacebello Feb 23, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    the best of this weekend

    Voting there.
    Berlusconi again?
    He 'll receive a lot of votes but very difficult to return.

    The coming surprise 'll be Beppe Grillo far from the traditional political. May be the Italians are giving us a new idea to change the current international situation. No matter the ideologies.
    Beppe is just a man. A free one. He is not contaminated and owes nothing to anyone.
    The polls are expecting above 15% for him.
    Wishing his freedom the best luck from here.


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    • Seldom have been so close with a prediction.
      Congrats to Beppe and now all the Italians expecting new elections within a year. Would be seven months too.

      Markets falling and the excuse is the votes of the people. Ridiculous. "Yesterday was "WETHEPEOPLE" in Italy. No left, no right. WETHEPEOPLE have 25%!!!

      Talking about fears nobody has any reason for that.
      "Beppe's party" leads Parma City being their first experience. Several months ago through a shy young man who has lowered 15% his official salary, travel without guards with his motorcycle every day to save costs and increase taxes trying to eliminate ALL PARMA's DEBT during his tenure.

      Parma's people knowing not a single euro spent on party structures and much less in corruption.
      The "darkoldItalianpolitics" can only shout "inexperienced" down the street....

      in the other side Berlusconi is alive, the fascism inside Italy remains strong and wethepeople there needs at least one decade to clean the "paese".

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      • Must admit is one of the happiest days.
        too many years without visiting Italy for many reasons. The presence of Berlusconi is one of them.

        Very very happy just imagining the amount of bureaucrats who should go home without their salary.

        Beppe said not to use the money -100 000 000 euros- they won for having obtained 8,000,000 votes.
        What will do the other parties?
        the risk to lose more votes taking the money in a country with a public debt above 130% of its GDP is...easy to understand.
        also in the knowledge that it's likely a new call for elections?

        Berlusconi doesn't want a faster election : he knows he can lose his percentage.

        Imagine America voting for ordinary people without getting expensive donations for election campaigns, without expensive expenditures and only transmitting ideas via internet ....
        Can you imagine America spending less on defense to promote health and free education instead of building more and more prisons?

        reading this and happy utopia ...


        Italian is one day no doubt

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