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  • naturalpastime naturalpastime Sep 11, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

    HOLA w a one year OLD

    Hello friends. Long time, no chat. I've been really hands off the market this past year. Being Dad is keeping me plenty busy during market hours... Aug 22 marked his first Bday. Amazing how time flies!

    My meeting in Berlin went off fantasticly in June. My wife and boy came along - we traveled on to old favorite Prague, then Salzburg; into Salovenia and Croatia (which were new to us). What great places. GOOG Lake Bled, Slovenia and check out some pics. Dubrovnik and the islands of Croatia are awesome. Three+ weeks of travel with a 10 month old on my back! It was great - and eating out proabably 50 times, we "grew" a great eater and social little man. He's already got six countries in his passport. It took him less than 11 months.

    I hope you're both doing well. I'll make a better effort to check in a little more often.
    From a smokey CA,

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    • ( one XIN chinese news specialist posted ...)

      Xin Yuan Xincheng
      鑫苑鑫城今早首开盘遭疯抢 劲销320套基本售罄

      "Xin Yuan Xincheng first opened this morning, fresh off the 320 units have been berserk basically sold out"

      Holder Hola
      (keeping all my OLD XIN pos : would be five years there,,,another birthday?)

    • Very happy to read that River was able to hear other languages ​​in such a short time.
      Still happy with the British Parliament denying fuqy Cameron the opportunity to collaborate in Syria attack
      Also very very very happy having predicted the Kerry problems with this new Pope who will do everything possible to avoid the weapon businesses full of war excuses.

      Not very happy trying not to spend my southern dollars until Cristina resigns or anticipate 2015 elections (losing 30 K this year). No work nor investments until she leaves.

      "Luckily" were a few major industrial fires requiring our participation (two insurance adjusters gave us some work) and right now trying to solve some of the stricken machinery .

      Could win a new convert against the euro @ 1.34 but when no longer a reliable limit during last two weeks.
      USD has fallen against the Brazilian real, Chilean peso and the Aussie dollar beyong Mr Market celebrates Mr Summers is over.

      Particularly following your ten years rate chart : guess so long ranging between 2.6% and 3% should reach 3.4% just when Ben is gone. If that happens we'll have the problem in 2014.
      Hardly to watch a big BB change if BEN confirms a discount purchase around 10 billion this week.


    • Hey sounds like an excellent trip. Beautiful areas and less traveled. Put a lot in cash and waiting out the budget turmoil this time. I've been considering moving to Southern Oregon for retirement and spent some time looking around there near Roseburg and Gold Beach. Have two years to wait for the Wife to retire. Had a good year in my Bio's so happy for now. Still have a little CUR that is popping today,
      Caring for a little River always good work. Hope that fire get dosed soon.
      Peace Old

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