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  • holywallstt holywallstt Dec 10, 2011 12:51 AM Flag

    Back to $20 or below by 2012. Pump n Dump

    So I see that the 1 day Pump is fooling a whole lotta people

    they think just cuz a stock rallied big one day means it will carry the same sentiment over to the next week.

    i wonder why 99% of stocks that rally like this end up being dumped big in the following days then. why doesnt that bullish sentiment carry over?????? so if this goes down to $28-29 by end of next week, what will be your explanation????????? dare you to answer that question

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    • Yes, I dare to answer that question. Look at Green Mountain.... Went from $30 to $90 something.... If earnings come out after close on Tuesday the 13th, I would not be shorting right now. You will lose.

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      • thats not answering my question. thats the typical response all ye longs give, that it will be $60, $80 $1000 in days to come...yeah right!

        I remember few weeks ago when ABIO rallied from $1.20s to $2.40s within hours and everybody said, $5 coming, $10 coming, and even $100 coming. next day it was back in $1.20s. no joke!

        anyway question was: if this is back to mid-high $20s in a few days, what will you longs say then???????? that question you longs cant answer.

    • Wow you really got hurt on this one today

    • miragellc Dec 10, 2011 1:02 AM Flag

      Recognize the Risks

      Margin accounts can be very risky and they are not suitable for everyone. Before opening a margin account, you should fully understand that:

      You can lose more money than you have invested;
      You may have to deposit additional cash or securities in your account on short notice to cover market losses;
      You may be forced to sell some or all of your securities when falling stock prices reduce the value of your securities; and
      Your brokerage firm may sell some or all of your securities without consulting you to pay off the loan it made to you.

    • miragellc Dec 10, 2011 12:55 AM Flag

      You sound like a wigger, learn english. The difference in the wealthy is vocabulary, remember this. The stock traded above $80.00 for a year largely due to value of Kettle brand.

      Do remember this is not gambling for longs. My short term price point is $60.00, long term is back to $90 by 3rd qtr 2012

      It's gambling if you are shorting a stock on the following:

      - Speculation
      - Blindness
      - Media

      It is not as much of a risk on the following :

      - Financials
      - Measuring TTM vs last year
      - DTI
      - Profit*
      - Industry
      - Prospective Growth
      - Product/Brand strength
      - Management

      Financials are positive
      TTM is strong
      Profit has been increasing 6 quarters
      Industry = #2 with acquisition of Pringles
      (Kettle chips, Diamond nuts, Pop-Secret)

      VP of corporate : Linda Segre

      - Has worked for the world's top 3 consulting firms : Boston Consulting, attended Stanford Undergraduate/Grad school, Director at Google see resume below and put a check next to management.

      Linda B. Segre has served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Communications since August 2009. From September 2006 until April 2009, Ms. Segre was a Managing Director at, the corporate philanthropy organization of Google Inc., where she oversaw the climate change and global development initiatives and managed all operational aspects of the organization. From 1995 until September 2006, Ms. Segre was Vice President, Officer and Director at The Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, and served as the Managing Director of the San Francisco office from 2001 until September 2005. She first joined The Boston Consulting Group in 1987 and worked in a number of roles with increasing responsibilities until she became a Vice President in 1995. During her tenure at Boston Consulting Group, she focused on serving clients in the consumer goods and financial services sectors. From 1981 until 1985, Ms. Segre was a touring golf professional in the United States, Europe and Asia. Ms. Segre holds a B.A. from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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