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  • livermore1929 livermore1929 Dec 17, 2011 10:18 AM Flag

    Bet the analysts sold their stock & calls..HA

    Even they must be stunned at how well they did on this one, a 52% dead cat bounce, and you can bet they sold at the end of the day.

    Hey, I told the excited to get out, did they listen, no, they never do.

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    • Hi, livermore:

      Are you a guru? Of course you are not, you are just like a stop o'clock which are right twice a day.

      Your message of "Hey, I told the excited to get out, did they listen, no, they never do." is same as nor better than a dead o'clock.

      No one including so called gurus is good in market timing.

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      • It waqs an obvious sell, if for no other reason than to be safe, a 52% rally in one day, c'mon, those are always followed by sell offs.

        That said, I bought no puts.

        Day trading is a learned art form, for me, I'm much happier to be in late and out early, which I was on DMND.

        Why I didn't trade SINA on Friday, I was holding DECK from Thursday, sold in the afternoon and went into MYL.

        MYL is more of a swing not a trade, it should go to 25ish soon, sector rising, stock rising on higher vol, leader in the field, climbing the right side of the base....etc

        I need to be versitile and let the market give me instructions.

        Observation is the best tip of all - jesssie livermore - 1923

    • Not me I used that pop to buy Dec $35 puts really cheap and they closed on Friday but as I have posted would play the $20 calls if real cheap also but I see the volume for Jan are the $25 and $22.50 puts

    • Why when this stock will be 70+ in Feb. Nothing has changed. The Pringles deal has to happen. They are paying dividens showing financial strength. They have been posting solid sales reports like the NUTS up 25%. If you choose to ignore these facts fine. I only wish I bought and sold and bought again but I really thought it would have continued to go up after earnings.. So I wait..

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      • Sorry about your losses.

        I made 35% of the Friday trade, in late, out early, too bad, I had a feeling that it was going to close at the high of the day, I should have sold at 3:50 or after hours if I was really brave, it was up 2% after hours.

        I trade for a living so I take the bird in the hand and move on, money is versitile.

        The stunt was a clear scam by the analyst and his firm.

        You can always count on lot's of short covering on a dead cat bounce, you can also count on the stock going back to where it started, recent examples, RMBS, LULU, PSMT, TRGT, CECO

        Learning to trade is very hard, and trading is very hard, most lose money at it and quit.

        For now put your money in MYL and read these books, remenicences of a stock operator and how to make money in stocks, read them three times each.

        I've made some large mistakes in trading, and they generally boil down to two things, trying to find a bargain, and not cutting my losses quickly.

        The key is to get out of a losing trade and make up the money somewhere else, go to, and look at all the options for stock picks that your money has.

        Good luck,


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