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  • cedarvalleycapital cedarvalleycapital Feb 27, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    All I know about DMND

    Bet the farm is a figurative phrase. It wouldn't really affect my life if it went to $0, but it is my only holding right now as I consider the rest of the market to be overbought.

    Yes, I believe that any restatement will take months. But I do not believe that IR would put that in writing.

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    • I don't have a issue with IR writing "not weeks, but months" or something like that. Seems normal & logical and not all that earth shattering. When DMND started to blow up a few months ago, I thought about buying some 30 calls (when DMND was sub 30). I was considering the Jun exp, since I figured it would take "months".
      No one should be surprised that this exercise will take some time and that's why I don't beleive IR was saying anything that was material; just common sense; something that is occasionally lacking around here (this last statement is not directed to you).

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      • After spending some time reviewing the emails and thinking about it myself, I agree with you and it isn't material information.

        This dosen't mean that 'a person familar with the matter' will show up in some bloomberg article saying that 'all is going well' and this would rally back to the mid-$30s in a hurry.

        My bet here is on the value of the parts of the company, the growth story, and the impending squeeze.

      • The only rationale shorts would hold their position is if the books are not only cooked but corrupted with fraud. If it's just a case of moving expense around, not really an issue. But if the balance sheet is compromised to a large extent, we have troubles.

        In other words, shifting money from one pocket to another is immaterial. But if there is less money than stated....

        This latter scenario rises to the level of Enron. I don't think that is the case.

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