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  • toe_tac_tic_too toe_tac_tic_too Jun 28, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    What happened to the stock? I thought it was priced about a nickel, no longer.

    Did they issue another PR announcing that they had typed up another document? Why is it 2 cents now?

    Scanned a few messages here, but no substance. Just the usual name calling and desperate excuses. Same old dude getting his butt kicked and pretending not to notice as he pumps away. His spelling seems to worsen as the facts start piling up.

    Why 2 cents? I heard that a nickel was a huge buying opportunity, so the "strong buy" boys must be backing up the truck and loading up at 2 cents. Just think, it only needs to appreciate 150% to get back to a nickel.

    Funny to watch this, especially seeing the name caller squirm.

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    • no no noooooo Toe its managements way of saying thank you to all their non supporters. The thinking goes that maybe you can forgive and forget by buying at these low low prices and then when it pops we all will be singing and a dancing...oh but wait this would foil that plan!... that super duper plan from 7/26/2011. You know that one that is to be launched from the bow of your boat? yeah that's what happening right now isn't it? that's ok you don't have to fess up the investigation will most certainly uncover the dirty deed. Hey Toe have a wonderful day and a very special 4th of Juuuuuuuuuuuuly!

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