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  • nogomo22 nogomo22 Dec 24, 2005 7:00 PM Flag



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    • >>I think I've been banned on the Sundance Communications board for telling the moderator he is a dinosaur.

      You were never banned, we don't ban people for calling one a dinosaur. :)
      Good luck in the VOIP world.
      The Dinosaur Club.

    • After King Steverino is crowned, he no doubt would appoint you the Court Jester.

    • it would be in altigens best interest to hire steven tutino as ceo his vision would be what this company needs now.

    • i feel as a shareholder , altigen manegment has done nothing for us shareholders , i also would welcome steven tutino as ceo. GO BLUE.

    • I think altigen stock has been up on news steven tutino could be the next ceo of altigen.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. It would be tough for me though as not always willing to be politically correct. I think I've been banned on the Sundance Communications board for telling the moderator he is a dinosaur (he is but its his court and he decided to take his ball home). The guy actually makes fun of VoIP and recommends TDM (aka digital) systems to his clients. He gave me some sob story about being in business since he was 24. I told him age had little to do with being in touch with reality. Look at Steve Jobs. He has an amazing understanding of where things are going and isn't far from being a member of AARP.

    • Hope off calling isn't very important with sub 1 cent per minute long distance.

      I always wondered if anybody out there needed multiple VM servers with a SCN. I could see the need if a single site had limited WAN access to the VM site or if bandwidth cost more than an additional voicemail server (over time). Can you use embedded VM on some sites and centralized (Voice Mail Pro) on others when using a SCN?

      Speaking of Avaya SCN, something interesting happened recently in our test environment. We plugged in a new G2 IP Office 406. It had no trunks available (no T1/PRI and no POTs interface modules). The 406 actually located another IP Office (a 403) on the SCN over the LAN and used it's POTs line to provide outside dial-tone. This is pretty amazing if you think about it. Without any routing table programming or vectoring the 406 found a trunk on another switch and made it it's own virtual trunk for outdialing. This was about as simple as setting up a Vonage adapter!


    • SCN works great for letting each IPOffice know about the other IPOffices. But it doesn't build all the routing tables you need to allow hop-off calling from one area code to another (You've got to build short codes for all that stuff).

      Altigen's routing tables are significantly easier to build and troubleshoot.

      My number 1 complaint about SCN is the lack of support for multiple voice mail servers. If you choose to implement SCN, then Avaya will officially refuse to support you if you implement more than one voice mail server.

      And if you don't implement SCN, then you get no visibility from each system into the others(why are you even bothering to install an IPOffice?).

      On the other hand, it sure is cool to be able to install a 5-phone remote site, linked via VoIP to the HQ for under $5k....

    • It's good to here that Altigen call fall-back to the PSTN if the VoIP connection fails. I appreciate Altigen's ease of configuraiton and management.

      The Avaya IP Office definately has a learning curve. It's interesting how Avaya allows for two different methods of linking IP Offices together: voice networking (aka SCN) and manual routing tables. SCN is beautiful but limited to linking only 16 sites and 500 total devices. Manual routing tables can link an unlimited number of sites and endpoints but are a bit more involved to setup and maintain (probably on par in complexity with Altigen). One benefit of SCN is that 16 sites can share a single voice mail server. This makes setup a bit more simplified for call centers and unified messaging than Altigen (a single VM server to link to). My #1 Avaya feature request is SCN support for more than 16 sites and 500 devices.

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