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  • jahprt97 jahprt97 Feb 27, 2013 11:07 PM Flag

    Steven A. Cohen buys 5% and no one seems to care. Big deal, IMO

    Big deal.

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    • Cohen is a hedge fund mgr and owns 5% in several companies(passive shares). However, 5 % does say something. EV for NRF is about $31/share 5.13B/163M=31..
      Think of enterprise value as the theoretical takeover price. In the event of a buyout, an acquirer would have to take on the company's debt, but would pocket its cash. EV differs significantly from simple market capitalization in several ways, and many consider it to be a more accurate representation of a firm's value. The value of a firm's debt, for example, would need to be paid by the buyer when taking over a company, thus EV provides a much more accurate takeover valuation because it includes debt in its value calculation.

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      • As to Cohen, I think it is just a little significant. The offering gave him the opportunity to buy almost 9 million shares in a hurry without spiking the price. I also think, judging by the shares owned, he wanted to stay off the radar screen by staying a hair under the 5% reporting schedule, but once the 424B5 was filed and he knew the denominator and he hit the majic 5%. In any event, I think it is safe to assume that Cohen is long 9 million shares with the expectation of making a significant profit.

        As to your enterprise value, you are entitled to dream all you want.....7 virgins are waiting for you in heaven too. But since you stated it as if it were fact, I challenge you to back it up with enterprise value by asset class. Otherwise, you should admit your pipe dream.

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