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  • dar200 dar200 Sep 30, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Flip opportunity

    Feeling brave today? Very nice flip percentage if nrf releases new info for jmp conference tomorrow.

    If wrong, ya gotta wait for earnings and 21 cents in very early nov. Hey, 21 cents annualizes to 9.13% of 9.20.

    New investments to date and new est 2013 cad for tomorrow = easy 5%, imo.

    It takes balls in light of Washington situation, but eventually that will pass.

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    • No flip for me today. My buy limit of 9.16 did not get reached. No big deal. I have plenty of shares and I'm sure other opportunities will present themselves.

      We need new info at JMP. "We are not, not, not a mortgage reit" without proof just won't cut it.

      Nevertheless, I have lotsa time.

    • I just did my little part by buying 180 shares, which was all the "cleared" funds I had in my account today. More will be clearing later in the week and I will do more buying. I always do this buying in "dribs and drabs" as much as possible every day during a market correction. We knew there was doing to be a market downturn due to the budget controversies in Washington, so I sold some stock every day last week in order o have funds clearing into the account this week.

      I trade/invest for most of my livelihood. A major part of successful trading is pure psychology: you buy when others are selling. Even if you're buying "dribs and drabs" the act of committing more money reinforces your commitment to maintain your position during a panic. It tend to prevent you from doing anything outrageously stupid like unloading a big position at the exact bottom.

      At any rate, let's keep our heads cool during this government "shutdown" (if it really is a shutdown and not just a political sham). Let's try to be smart in the markets even if the nutso's in D.C. can't get THEIR act together.

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