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  • dar200 dar200 Oct 2, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Healthcare supplement 8

    As of September 20, 2013, we received and accepted subscriptions in our offering for 1.6 million
    shares, or $16.1 million, including 0.2 million shares, or $2.0 million, sold to NorthStar Realty Finance
    Corp., or our sponsor.

    Well, it was 14.0 million as of 9/13 in supplement 7, so in 7 days, another 2.1 mil or 300K per day.

    Supplement 6 had 6.0 million as of 8/15 in supplement 6, so 8.0 in 29 days or 275.9 per day.

    Days here include Sat, Sun, Labor Day. I'm too lazy to count business days. The snowball gets a little bigger.

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    • My reply to your question is posted below your "50,000" -- it just hasn't rung up

    • There may be some initial headwinds to overcome in the two new private reits. Listening again to yesterday's presentation the first reit was taking in $100 million/monthly as it drew to an end. So I expect the two new private reits to ramp up as they mature. The sales force is down to 50,000 but the productivity will be higher. I also look toward to additional reits similar to 1 & 3 and also a housing reit. Looking into 2017 there should be some 6-7 billion monies raised generating up to $200 million in mgt fees, or close to $.80 cents per share. As an aside, look at the recent reports on nrf, all positive.

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      • Where did you get this?
        " The sales force is down to 50,000 ......"

        Per 2Q earnings press release Healthcare had over 46,000 as of 8/2. Contrast Income 1 which was launched in 3Q of 3/31/11 they had 12,000 signed.

        I agree that dollars start small then ramp up as the cumulative equity grows....just like a snowball attracts little snow on its first turnover, but each turn thereafter attracts more snow, culminating in the most snow added just before it's finished.

        Nobody wants to be first.....afraid of walking into a failure. NRF's seed money starts the monthly dividend, making it easier to sell. Toward the end, prospects can see that others have already put, say, 800 million in, so it must be ok because others have invested before me. At the very end, it's like the used car salesman....better hurry up and write your check because it's almost sold out.

        Each deal has to have separate paperwork signed with each registered rep. Income 1 was VERY slow because nrf was plowing new ground. NRF was new to each of the 74,000 ultimately signed for the first deal.
        That pool which made money peddling Income 1 is the starting point to sign for Healthcare (and Income 2).
        The faster the rep ramp, the faster the money ramp. Healthcare is WAY ahead of Income 1. As of 9/30, Income 2 has some public money, so we should get a rep count with 3Q earnings.

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