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  • dar200 dar200 Nov 15, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Tute ownership

    Of the big owners at 6/30, only Deutsche Bank's 9/30 shares are not posted on the NASDAQ website, so the following numbers will be real close to actual. Note that partnership units which are convertible to common and get dividends (about 9 million) are not counted by NASDAQ.

    At 9/30 there were about 239.746 million common shares outstanding. Tutes owned 189.760 million or 79.15% of the total. That is a huge percentage.

    During the quarter ending 9/30, 133 tutes increased their positions by 41.957 million shares. 69 tutes decreased their positions by 13.567 million, for a net increase of 28.390 million, which is 70.53% of the 40.25 million shares issued during the quarter.

    Included in the above increases and decreases are 35 tutes which initiated positions by buying 11.746 million, while 19 tutes sold out during the quarter, selling 2.150 million. So tutes jumping on the train outbought tutes getting out 5.46 to 1.

    The only conclusion is NRF is a darling for the tutes. They gladly lend to the shorts because they are confident they will make money on the lending as well as when the shorts cover in anguish.

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    • DAR, educate the ignorant like me. What does TUTE stand for? Is this some kind of stock held in trust for personal accounts?

      Another question: IF should large stock holders of NRF gladly lend to shorts as they make money on the lending, why should not ordinary small individual holders with margin accounts as Scottrade, etc., receive something for allowing Scott to lend out "their" securities? The brokers are the ones making the money lending our shares. Hey, that's fair, isn't it?

      Long NRF 76,785 and might add some more with today's divs if it falls back again. GLTA!

      • 2 Replies to nschwartz_99
      • I'd rather teach you how to learn. Go to the nasdaq website and look for NRF ownership. When you find the tute page with numbers matching mine, you'll have the answer to your first question. When you find the page, read it until you understand what info is being conveyed.

        As to brokers, that's the price you pay for a margin account. If you don't want your broker making money by loaning your shares, move those positions to a cash account. Then they cannot loan those shares without asking your permission, which you will grant for an appropriate fee. Don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen.

      • so you own 3/4 of a million in nrf and don't know, or cant figure out from dars message what tute stands for? really? tute = institution

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