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  • newguy7001 newguy7001 Dec 2, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Grabbed Another K at $9.73 On Selldown

    We will see if I was pre-mature. Will add if it continues down!

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    • I got another 5,000 at 9.69 on the second selldown. Was thinking about a dinner trade but have all week for that plus possible bounce on tomorrow's presentation. At worst, nothing new comes out of tomorrow if they only stick to the 11/1 script. If something new is added or alluded to, it certainly will not be bad news.

      Big news, ie closing pending 11/1 deals, will lead to press release probably after close today but it could come just before the presentation tomorrow morning. If none, we hear the same thing we saw in the 11/1 slides.

      Too bad shortvolume does not report short by hour. No question in my mind the smackdown shortly after the open was a short attack. It did shake the tree, which is the purpose besides maximum down on fewest shares.
      Low volume on the bid = perfect environment for a smackdown. Shorts got it early this morning.

      Shorts dug their hole deeper and shook out some weak hands. Macro environment for reits stinks, helping the short term effect. Nevertheless, I expect creep up later toward the close.

    • You will come out ahead in the long run but IMHO it was premature. I'm hoping it goes lower and if it goes below 9.50 I might buy some for a flip. I have a tad over 29,000 shares right now so no rush to add more. GLL


      Sentiment: Hold

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