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  • dar200 dar200 Dec 14, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Feeling real good

    We brightened a hard-working kid's life last night, at least for a while. Our regular waitress at a restaurant we go to frequently is a college junior, studying to be a nurse, and waiting on tables nights to pay the bills. This kid has accepted the responsibility for her education and has sweat in the game to get it. My kind of person.

    A normal tip on last night's check would have been 18, added to the credit card slip. Last night there was no tip on the credit card slip. Instead, I handed her a $100 bill, saying "Merry Christmas".

    You shudda seen her face, from shock to surprise to a great big smile as she thanked us. At the end of the thank you she said, "Now I'm all set for next semester's books." Imagine, an extra 82 bucks which means so little to us meant so much to her trying to pay her way with work.

    We felt real good driving home.

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    • Thats a nice thing you did. You sound like a class guy Mr Dar 200.

    • Dar, thanks for making someone's day. Appreciate the generosity.

    • Paul Walker bought a $10000 ring for a couple and they never knew who bought it at his request,that is class and done with heart.

      You gave the $100 to show off like a big operator.If NRF would have dropped by 50% last week,that $100 would have stayed glued to the bottom of your pocket.

    • Your 'waitress story' is wonderful to hear. It is good to know that there are still many that are still earning their way and learning the value and reward of personal accomplishment. I put four through College and part of the deal was that they help pay their way. Not because it was necessary, but, because it was part of their education in my book. My father taught me the value of accomplishment the same as his father taught him! A great story dar . Sadly, too rare in our society today!

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      • Same with my kids, they had to work to pay part of the cost. After first year I would pay 100% ( but not spending money) if they maintained 3.7 or better out of 4.0 average. Both kids calculated the average they needed each semester to keep me paying 100%. Son graduated with 3.85 and daughter with 3.89. Carrot and stick. Perform, you get the carrot. Miss the mark, you get the stick. Both figured out they could "make" more money by getting superior grades than by working. I made sure they understood they had real skin in the game.

    • College books have gotten really expensive. One of the grandkids was telling me about her $75+ textbooks.

      I always give our housekeeper a few hundred extra this time of year, and it really helps her out. And I always give extra to the food banks, homeless shelters and humane societies this time of year. I would like to thank Hamo for bumping our earnings so far this year from 24.5% to 29.5%. Merry Christmas to the boyz at NRF.

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      • We give to organiz. that give the greatest percentage to those who need it and don't line their pockets. The Salvation Army, the local Food Bank and Doctors Without Borders all utilize donations very efficiently. Not the Red Cross. I still give money to 2of my cooks from our restaurant at the airport that went to Merrill when they bought us out 7 years ago. They worked their butts off for me and they're not really appreciated now. All of us like to be appreciated. As for kids working, ours helped from 6 years old on. They farmed, worked in our businesses, cooked in the restaurant, and taught tennis (our son-our daughter trained horses). Went to Tulane and Duke. It's sad that so few kids have responsibilities these days.

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