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  • dar200 dar200 Jun 6, 2014 9:45 AM Flag

    Told ya 17 before the spin

    Reaction to presentations a little faster than I expected, but the past two trading weeks is proof of how slow and lazy the market is, including the so-called professionals.

    Market moving info was released after the close on 5/23. A few were prepared for trading when the market reopened on 5/27. Six analysts, including some big houses, supposedly "follow" NRF. YUP, they followed from behind. As to the rest of them....and maybe they should not be faulted because they don't pay attention to nrf, the presentation spoonfeeding accomplished its purpose......educate the professional community.

    This episode proves the little guy CAN be ahead of the slow, lazy and sometimes dumb market by paying very close attention to info as it becomes available. Reading tea leaves and connecting dots faster than the market can be very profitable.

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    • Dar,
      You have been right on virtually every "call" you have made concerning NRF from $17.00 before the spin, (we are at 16.98 right now), to the timing of the "spin". However, it is the reasons behind the "calls" that you are so willing to share that really have be beneficial to me and to many who read your posts.
      Again, thank you for the time and effort you take and for your willingness to share.

      • 1 Reply to lunco
      • An opinion without disclosure of the basis for the opinion, imo, is useless. That's why I state at least some of the FACTS upon which I base my conclusion (opinion).

        Reasonable people can reach different conclusions from the same set of facts. You will never see me dump on a poster who posts an opinion and the reasons for the opinion. I may disagree, but I respect a well-founded opinion. The ones I come down hard on are those that misrepresent facts, especially facts which are easy to ascertain, as they are either dishonest or lazy, two character traits I despise.

    • I agree, Dar, I have even taken advantage a few times of market slowness. But, I think you have to be careful as that slow, dumb market doesn't always behave rationally so it is dangerous to think you can time it consistently. Ray's Razor: All things being equal, the portfolio with the fewest trades is the most profitable [barring true professionals].

    • Dar, I cant thank you enough, by following your guidance, NRF has become one of the biggest winner in my portfolio. Now I'm accumulating more cash, so I can buy more NRF / NSAM after spin off. Cheers !!

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