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  • med_expert med_expert Mar 22, 2002 11:09 AM Flag

    Who would buy a refrigerator

    with an SPD door????!!!!!!! You've got to be kidding!!! ROFLMAO!!! I guess it is part of REFR's smoke to create the illusion of many uses for the product. Th problem is, who will buy them?

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    • Hi msg.
      One point you're fine message raises. Some of these Goldberg contraptions make it. Some don't. When economies of scale kick in, those flat panels most of us really don't need will become standard regardless. I always avoided auotmatic ice-makers. Never met one yet that didn't leak eventually. But the last time I went to buy a fridge, we need a large one and they didn't have any large ones without an automatic ice maker. The point (or points?):
      I suspect its only a matter of time before even our most ardent bashers have SPD glass somewhere in their lives. And it doesn't have to work its way into very many applications, could never take fridges or ovens, and still be one damn fine investment.
      BTW, some talk about "strong buy" etc. I never took it to require that checking it meant one had to be buying it at that time. If you've got all you want or need, but still think the price and prospects make the stock a "strong buy", a disclosure of any other kind would be dishonest.

    • Come on Dolly,don't use facts !

      It is embarassing for the shorts & besides they completely ignore them anyhow.

      Just as the fact that the SPD window let in less light then the shade.
      It was simple DD just as your post, although even a grade school child would have known that having the refrig door open makes the appliance work harder therefore using more energy.
      How can these shorts continue to post, have they no shame?
      What a lack of knowlege & understanding!


      Question: Does opening and closing the refrigerator door really waste energy?

      Answer: Yes. A little planning eliminates the constant opening and closing that contributes to energy waste and makes your refrigerator work harder.

    • Excellent excellent post, but these idiot shorts probably don't even understand it. Maybe someday they'll get a clue....hopefully after they've gone bankrupt!! I nominate your message as the "post of the month"....much more thorough and informative than the post by montuno, that refrgeek nominated.

    • People pay up to $500 - $700 extra right now for a refrigerator just because it's clad in stainless steel and looks nicer, not because it works any better than a white or black model. So there is a market for what some would consider foolish 'status' features. They're even coming out with stainless interiors on high end fridges. Ludicrous? Useless? Of course. But people buy them. Someone makes them. Someone makes a freaking fridge with an internet connection and a flat screen on the panel for people too stupid to keep a shopping list too. Not for me, but obviously someone thought there was enough ROI to give it a shot. Yet a simple thing like variable transparency with no moving parts is somehow impossible to comprehende? Truly thou dost protest too much.

      Yes, anyone who thinks about it would imagine that tied to the SPD would be an internal light. Turn SPD and light on simultaneously. About 1 minute worst case of a few tenths of a watt for the SPD along with a 50 - 60 watt bulb vs. running a compressor for 5-10 minute after leaving the door open a while is likely a savings. As for bottles etc, in the doors, take a look at other existing glass door fridge units. They don't use door shelving, or (imagine that!) they can shift the door shelves to interleave with interior shelves so they offset. Duh.

      (Incidentally I do agree a microwave is not the best application for SPD. You'd still have to have the metal grill on the interior surface of the window which prevents the microwave energy from propagating thru the glass, so even without a dark coating the interior isn't that visible when the light is off, and with the light on visibility is already obscured even with clear glass.)

      One appliance co actually advertises a small 'easy open panel' inset in the refrigerator door to access 'frequently used items' rather than opening the whole door. In-door water and ice dispensors have been standards for a long time for both convenience and to prevent needing to open the door to get ice. Ever have to clear a jammed ice dispenser? Pain in the arse. Those additions certainly weren't made lightly. The appliance world has already made it clear keeping the door closed is a major energy saver and selling point even though they're going thru often ridiculous and poorly-designed mechanical contrivances to permit it. Arguing that SPD is a poor way to further that concept is an opinion, but to argue that opening the door doesn't constitute an energy issue is intentionally obfuscatory, just as implying that SPD windows would be for 'safety' rather than comfort is.


    • Just would not have recognized you, pal, otherwise I would have said hello to you.

    • <<Wish you would have said hello>>
      Who do you think you're? Why you did not say hello yourself. Do you think you're the King and people ought to present you their respects?

    • You really did attend the show. Wish you would have said hello.

    • <<Where have you seen the light-meter tests results?>>

      YOU don't care about "light-meter tests!!!"

      YOU are a BEGGER looking for REFR shares!!!

      WHY don't YOU GET FOCUSED on what you REALLY WANT TO KNOW???

      HOW are YOU going to BUY BACK 2,000,000 shares of REFR, when YOU can't get ANYONE TO SELL???

      Now, there are SPD PRODUCTS for sale with a THIRTY-DAY TURNAROUND TIME form ORDER to DELIVERY!!!

      ...that's 30 DAYS FASTER than YOU THUGS can COVER YOUR 2,000,000 shares of REFR, and THAT'S going to COST YOU THUGS A BUNDLE!!!


    • <<I can tell you with absolute certainty that airlines do not have darker prints than the theatrical release>>
      You misunderstood me or more probably I did not make myself clear.
      What I meant is that RFI has a darker version of film (SPD)than the one at the show for the passenger airlines. I mention that already in a previous post.

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