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  • zacharyaptea43 zacharyaptea43 Feb 22, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    Staying The Course


    I shorted two of there picks and went long on another, and all three are in the money for me! This is great! I'm probably a member for life, because I do not see anything else out there that I trust. That's what first attracted me to the site... it's just what I was looking for. Besides a very good track record, its simple and straightforward. They offer a free daily video also you can join.


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    • You are on the perfect message board for your priced stock shilling. REFR has been milking dumb investors for decades, all of whom have nothing to show for it except big holes in their net worth. Some of the bigger bimbos even claim that you do not lose until you sell. I guess those idiots have no experience at portfolio management i.e. if you buy a $200,000 worth of stock shares and you wake up a month later and those shares are worth $100,000 is your net worth A)more B)the same or C) less than before you bought those shares.

      Sadly many REFR holders will say B) the same....even if they go a bank for a loan and hear the truth about their collateral.

      No matter...everyone even watchitgo, hawaiian John all of you have a great 2013. Maybe REFR will spike to 8-9 so I can short it, hopefully before Joe shorts it.

    • Glad you shared this with us.

    • I love this site.

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