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  • montuno2 montuno2 Feb 23, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    What happened today?

    The price took a big hit on bigger volume than average.

    Did the health department finally come by this decaying taco stand and give out a lot of summonses?

    Did one of the dolts who didn't know better finally throw away his long position and invest it in a tech company that has a real chance at capturing a market?

    who knows?

    Did any of the "strong buys" decide to "back up the truck?" They usually do and they also thank the negative posters. They have averaged down since this scam was 20+.

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    • What happened today?

      Did some kid throw a snowball through the Smart Glass window at the Woodbury HQ?

      Naw, there's no snow on the ground in Woodbury.

    • Just imagine how fast REFR will move if "NEWS" breaks out!!!

      High in Valhalla, Olsok, the ancient Norse god of dysfunctional investing, is drowning his sorrows with horn after horn of mead.

      Deep in Tartarus, Cerberus, (the three headed dog, not the company), is worrying about REFR's stock price falling low enough and fast enough to singe his fur.

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      • That's it Pocci,

        I got it!!
        A new SPD application, a drinking horn for mead, diet soda, orange juice. It will be especially sought after for people who have Norse themed parties.

        Even more relevant to the "strong buys" is that they can report great interest in Norseland (wherever that is) just as they in days of yore (to keep with your theme) when they claimed that Hankuk was pumping out countless reams of SPD in Inchon, Korea.

      • Seriously, this is all I could find today.

        The following table includes registration statements and post-effective amendments that were declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the most recently completed business day.

        The Securities Act of 1933 requires companies offering securities to file a registration statement with the SEC that discloses material facts for investors. The SEC staff reviews registration statements and declares them "effective" if companies satisfy the disclosure rules.

        REGISTRATIONS EFFECTIVE AS OF February 14, 2011



        File Number: 333-179099

        Date of Original Registration: 1/19/2012

        Form Type: S-3

        Securities Registered: 3,000,000 Shares of Common Stock

        Selling Holder: Yes

        It sort of slipped by me. Maybe it took a week for others to notice also.

        It is really hard to put a positive spin on some thing like this, but I am sure that some of our more vocal longs will try.

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