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  • allrefr allrefr Mar 10, 2012 7:18 PM Flag

    Cheoy Lee showing off again

    'We will have our Alpha 76 on display'

    does anyone plan on going to this event?

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    • >>What is the capacity of Hitachi's production line and what is the volume of orders they've received? What is the price exactly that needs to be lowered? Or are you basing your "analysis" on stuff you completely made up, based on zero facts whatso ever?<<

      4.3 mil sq/ft per year
      358,333 sq/ft per month
      82,692 sq/ft per week

      Last reported price between $100-125 per sq/ft which is about right with markups you get the $2500 option price on the slk/sl

      Should be able to get an estimated volume number with the earnings report.

      Talking to contractors in the architectural field, they won't even touch it at this price. And the reason we still haven't seen a second OEM got it....the price.

      If you want to say I made it up that's fine. But with the limited info you must use other factors as well, such as the stock price.

      I'm a shareholder not a cheerleader.

    • Those spd windows look fantastic !!!!

      thanks for the post

    • Here is a better video of the Cheoy Lee cabin with SPD.
      They also state three more larger models up to 87' based on the success of the Alpha.
      Do you think other yacht manufacturers have been aboard?
      Do you think they noticed the windows?
      Do you think the price of SPD Smart glass would deter someone who is spending two to seven million dollars for a cutting edge yacht or do they just want the hottest, newest, best, ( think 24k gold SL's ).

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      • De Basto integrated the exterior lines and the sliding sunroof with the salon overhead and the mullions to converge in a centerline vanishing point. These forward mullions also eliminate the need for large corner pillars to support the superstructure, creating a true 360-degree view from anywhere on the main deck.
        The expansive views extend to the lower deck. “The exterior design offered very large windows in the owner’s stateroom, and I wanted to take advantage of leaving them completely open on both sides,” says De Basto. “On both decks, I wanted to celebrate the shape of the windows; no curtain would really work. On another boat I had done, the solution was to use privacy glass to completely avoid the use of curtains. On this project, Cheoy Lee was already exploring the use of new glass that is both dimmable and clear or opaque. With the Alpha 76 we can offer full control of sunlight and privacy without curtains.”
        Indeed, the windows in the superstructure and stateroom feature the newest generation of the so-called “smart glass.” Technology developed by the U.S. firm Research Frontiers and licensed to Canadian manufacturer Diamond Sea Glaze allows the glass to transition to a darker color to keep out heat, light and UV rays. Unlike passive photo-reactive glass,SPD Smart Glass uses an electrical current to precisely control the amount of daylight entering the interior and can also switch to opaque for privacy.
        The streamlined theme continues through the decor with high-gloss cabinetry without visible hardware and chic cabin doors, nightstands and cabinets clad in stitched leather like high-end luggage.
        Lo says that the Alpha 76 will be followed next year with a flybridge version and in two years by an 86-foot version and then an 86 flybridge. “We believe this is a market we should be in and we are heavily invested in it. The designs are complete and construction is beginning.”

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