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  • usga2008 usga2008 Aug 21, 2012 10:19 AM Flag


    Every day that passes brings us closer to our next oem

    announcement. could be another car, plane, yacht, bus, etc.

    assuming it is a car oem, will it be audi, bmw, toyota, ford,

    cadillac, or some other brand?

    wondering if the stock price will stay around $3.00 when that

    happens. i seriously doubt that it will... i think it will

    go to at least $5.00 and maybe higher. then there will be

    the thrid, forth, etc in short order as the technology

    gains market share.

    it is not unreasonable to expect the next oem announcement by

    the end of 2012 - just a little over 120 days - not long to

    wait. in any case, every passing day takes us closer to

    that time.

    ford recently included spd in one of its patent applications.

    however, i think the next automotive oem will be a different


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    • Oh so now you trade teh stock,well then you dont beleive int eh future of REFR, you just admitted you pumn and sell thank you.

      case closed

    • Stock price down.
      Volume down.
      No real news for some time although a lot of conjecture.
      No current profit based on sales.
      Future profit (dividends?) based on conjecture.

      The Jerry McGuire movie said it best, "show me the money!"

    • Well, those that bought around today's prices and sold around

      $10.00 likely made out like a bandit... you can do the same

      and better if you buy now before the next oem announcement.

      trading is a part of active investing.

      dungheads know who they are - i go by the old school saying -

      if the shoe fits - wear it

    • Wrong then why is teh stock price so low? Amswer that without telling us that the short sellers and bashers are teh cause of it. If there was any huge upside in this stock teh buyers would crush the short sellers. If you were a buyre at $10 why are you not buyign more and more? And please lets not get into name calling

    • There was a time when the majority of people on earth

      thought it was impossible for man to ever achieve the

      technology necessary to fly. they were wrong and the

      handfull of dungheads that continue to bash refr are

      just as wrong - fact is spd has been flying for years

      in multiple types of aircraft including airbus.

      can't fly, can't fly, can't fly is their refrain even as

      spd passes overhead.

      thousands of automotive articles that can be googled show

      unparalled entheustic acceptance by the journalists to

      the variable tint option in mercedes cars. still they

      chant can't fly, can't fly, can't fly. it only proves their

      dungheadness is a permanent affliction. no cure has ever

      been developed for dungfeaver. fortunately, there are only

      a small number that have been infected.

    • Joe said in the last cc that he knows the dates of the next

      oem announcements. not if but when! this is the farthest

      out on a limb anyone from rfi has crawled in a long time.

      there is no doubt in my mind that joe was attempting to

      send a clear and unmistakeable signal to long term investors

      without violating confidentiality clauses in the license


      rfi has no right to superseed a licensee's announcement. our

      rights really end with the licensee that is building the

      highest article of spd product that will be utilized -- in

      this case pilkinton. it is pilkington that pays our royalty

      fee based on their sales price to mercedes.

      joe also assured investors that the company will not need any

      more money from the sale of the remaining shelf registeration for

      operation purposes (salaries, rent, utilities, bonus, etc).

      rather, any money generated from the sale of those shares would

      be to enhance public awareness of our technology.

      i paraphrase but that was the thrust of the message that i


      finally, i do belive that joe said we have adequate funds to

      operate until the 4th quarter of 2014 just with the current

      royalty receipts.

      additional funds generated by more models of

      mercedes in showrooms, new oems, etc. Will move the company

      into the black quickly. (my opinion)

      so all is good and each day brings us closer to the promise

      of profitability.

    • Oh, and don't forget further migration of spd to other

      mercedes models - most notably the "c" class (already

      spotted on the test tracks).

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