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  • usga2008 usga2008 Aug 23, 2012 5:39 PM Flag


    Everyone going long has to understand how important this news

    is going forward. magic sky control is magic indeed !!!!

    err,, you could also say golden !!!

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    • allrefr,

      You are a drone; a pimp for this stock fraud. The only reason you will leave this board is if you stop getting paid (in money or worthless stock). Before you go can you tell us how many times you " backed up the truck" to buy more REFR stock as its price crashed.

      you are a transparent fool. If you end up shilling for another fraud can you let me know so I can short that one before its price inevitably crashes.

      I will miss your buffoonery.

    • The "c" class mercedes is going to put refr in the black

      by itself. i am looking for a minimum stock price of

      $15 to $18 within a year. sales of the msc in the limited

      edition models of mercedes luxury cars has been great.

      with the move to moderate priced models, rfi will become

      profitable within a year. other oem's are going to kick start

      the price movement even quicker.


      USGA, lots of people read stock charts at the breakfast table. Nothing in the world wrong with that, but you do need to turn that stock chart rightside up, so that you know who is bringing home the bacon, and who is having to eat crow.

      Hint; That line in the upper left hand corner that drops down to the lower right hand corner, that is REFR's stock price.

      Do you like your crow baked or fried?

    • Serious investors still read this board and benefit from

      honest information. the downer clowns (dungheads) are not

      taken seriously. all they can do is make fools of themselves.

      anyone can talk trash about any stock. when they delibertly

      lie, they can never be taken seriously. when talk trash,

      it is obvious to everyone. they have not

      done anything but show their ignorance. imagine how difficult

      it must be for them to have to crawfish on so many of their

      biggest lies. good to see them eating crow daily.

    • Sales of the c class mercedes wtih magic sky control will boost

      revenues to rfi significantly. importantly, migration to

      to the c class shows daimler / mercedes committment to a

      spd variable tint roof option for the future.

      watch for more oem's to join mercedes in offering a spd

      variable glass option in the sunroof, rear window, and side

      windows behind the "b" pillar !!!!

    • do you have a link to this news?

      • 2 Replies to jfmlists
      • "2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Design and Features"

        ...C/D also reports that the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class will be available with a panoramic sunroof featuring the automaker’s “Magic Sky Control” dimming feature, as offered on the latest SLK and SL roadsters. Other features remain to be seen, but we’d guess U.S.-market standard equipment will be roughly on par with that of C-Class coupes and perhaps even a touch more lavish...

      • The redesigned 2014 C-Class from Mercedes-Benz has already been spotted testing in the winter, and on the open roads in the summer time.

        Now the next generation luxury cruiser has been caught in autoblog’s spy photos lapping the Nurburgring.

        It says in a report the style looks to be similar to that of the last generation, and is supposed to be based on cues taken from the F800 concept.

        Autoblog also says its interior tech will feature a tablet-like display, already found in the new A-Class. A panoramic glass roof is also expected, and will use Mercedes’s Magic Sky Control.

        The biggest news for the new C-Class is that it will be the first small car in the Benz lineup that will use a hybrid system for power. Diesel and petrol engines will also be offered, and all powertrain options will likely be mated to a new nine-speed transmission.

        About six months after the sedan launches, a wagon should hit the market, followed some time later by a coupe and convertible.

        Meanwhile, the online auto publication also reports that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is getting a mid-cycle refresh that will rid the car of its iconic quad-headlight setup, and add new style to the front, rear and side body panels.

        “Captured in our spy photos, the E-Class we see is a prototype wagon, but still shows off the new front end lines of the car,” it says.

        Covered in heavy plastic cladding, the front end update is concealed very well. “Still, we see that the quad headlights have been integrated into one another, and are now a more standard two light setup,” the report adds.

        It also says the LED daytime running lights have also been moved, out of the bumper and into the bottom portion of the headlight.

        The new E-Class will also lose its full car length belt-line, otherwise known as Pontoon styling.

        The line that runs the length of the car will stop around three-quarters of the way to the back, where a new line will start underneath.

        The overall look of the new E-Class is aiming to be more luxurious, to separate it further from the sportier C-Class.

        Technology will not be in short supply, as the new E-Class is destined to get improved night assist, dynamic light assistant, intelligent lane assistant, intelligent brake assistant, congestion assistant, magic ride control and heads-up display, the report

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