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  • iknoweverythingdotcom iknoweverythingdotcom Aug 28, 2012 8:33 AM Flag


    Once again they have all their bases covered imo on research frontiers. Management is superb. Yes i am in to buy on the secondary!

    saul from brooklyn ny

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    • Probably only have to wait a few decades.

      But, time means nothing to a REFR shareholder.

    • Good post. i doubt we will have to wait long to validate the

      correctness of this secondary offering limited to institutional

      buyers for the reasons you listed,

      5 stars

    • good luck on the clarification,. The idea to get other institutions exposure is stupid. You dont dilute to get attention you tell your story and show revenue growth. No way they can buy a company with what they are raising, They are raising to keep the company going

    • I don't recall exactly what Joe said during the CC, but it was something like.....if we had another share release it would be for strategic reasons. Again, not exactly what was said.

      Strategic Reasons:
      1. Encourage the shorts to start covering????
      2. Institutional awareness to get more exposure to encourage big money to take a look????
      3. Looking to buy into another company or technology that would crossover with current technology????

      Who knows, it would be nice to get some clarification.....

    • Threespeech said, "Craig-Hallum is the institution and they will sell the share to investors such as Saul from NY."

      Three days before I suggested that; "Maybe C-H is the institution and is selling it out at retail." BINGO!

      So in the last few days volume of trading has gone from the teens to the hundreds of thousands per day and the stock is up 30 cents this week after trading weakly for the entire summer.

      My guess is volume stays up until C-H is clear of the new issue. My guess is the stock price will continue to "bump" (ah, the old CRGBailey word) a few more cents while the C-H pump is on full blast.

      But I wouldn't go in and buy any REFR now on the "bump" because the escape is going to be uncertain and maybe harrowing. When C-H stops paying the "Spiff" to sell the REFR
      stock, the retail brokers are going to have to let their customers out of this dog of a stock. And here come the Terrible Twos again.

      I wonder, was C-H in on the private placement in July? For their own account or the accounts of their pricipals?

      the thing I don't get is why:
      1)Joe did TWO separate sales of stock, 4 weeks apart.
      2) In his conference call Joe came right out and said there would be no further need (action) to sell further stock. Why not acknowledge what he KNEW was going to happen? The C-H offerring was NO surprise, it was a planned event.

    • I'm getting a feel there's a personal agenda built into that rant? $12M or so is a lot but I think a company that made $2.7B last year can afford it. The dividend is on the mend after being crushed in the panic of 2008. You're comparing the share price to what it was at major peaks in the overall stock market and expecting a round of applause?

      Heck, if anything the research inspired your little rant has got me thinking DOW might be a good place to park a few thousand of my investment capital. So... thanks.

    • CEO's sucking up the wealth of companies is now the rule, not the exception. Liveris at DOW makes $35k a day. I assure you there are no more workers hired at DOW than there were 10 or 20 years ago. The stock price is less than it was in 2000 or 2005 or most any other time. Nonetheless, the CEO pay has increased by 400%. US companies are not about hiring or shareholder value. They are there to enrich the fraternity of wealth serving on their respective boards. If you want to make money, sell luxury goods. The only people left with money are buying.

    • works tirelessly on your behalf, he gets paid so much money for a company that loses money

    • I have repeatedly said (ad nauseum) that focusing on rfi for

      its survival is a waste of time. the most important aspect

      of this business model is the activity of our licensees.

      you said "either one can happen.

      neither one has the proof to back it up"

      my offer of proof exists with hitachi, nippon glass / pilkington,

      daimler / mercedes as the current crown jewels. other auto

      oem's are certain to follow.

      now ----

      this idea that joe is in charge - only to the extent that

      the bod and investors allow him to be in charge. investors

      asked for more outside bod participation and it happened.

      investors asked for one of our own to join the bod and it


      with our somewhat unique business model, we need a brilliant

      legal mind and tireless patent hawk to protect the only thing

      we have of value. i think joe fills those requirements perfectly.

      we are lucky to have him to work tirelessly on our behalf.

    • USGA wrote:
      "Research Frontiers Incorporated (Nasdaq:REFR) today announced that it has priced an underwritten public offering for placement with institutional investors"<<

      And this post by another:


      Here are your institutional investors USGA. Been around long enough to know what Joe says in his press releases. Craig-Hallum is the institution and they will sell the shares to investors such as Saul from NY.

      Joe will tell shareholders what they think they want to hear for the benefit of management, not the shareholders. This has been going on from the beginning. The only time Joe gets himself in trouble is in live interviews and conference calls where a question or comment will cause Joe to get off script and say something that he will later regret and no one challenges that comment. We know no one at RFI will stand up to Joe, starting with the gutless BOD on down to the new CFO that turned his head and looked the other way at this move. You can tell how intimidated he is by Joe on the conference calls.

      How many successful publicly run companies are operated this way, where management comes first? It should always be about the company and then shareholders, not what's best for the CEO and BOD. Yes, CEO's and management are paid well, once the company and shareholders are rewarded.

      You and allrefr are standing on one corner waving a sign that reads: "The world will last forever" and the bashers are on the opposite corner waving their sign that reads: "The world is coming to an end".

      Either one can happen.

      Neither one has the proof to back it up.

      Pricing and marketing.
      Guidance not directionless chatter.

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