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  • threespeech threespeech Aug 29, 2012 8:18 AM Flag

    Unabated Arrogance

    Less than a month ago Joe Harary looked shareholders in the eye during a conference call and emphatically expressed RFI's longstanding concern to keep shareholder dilution at a minimal level when describing the recent share offering of over 500,000 shares. Operational funds would no longer be needed as profitability would be sooner than later. Only for strategic business purposes would another offering be considered.
    Well, Craig-Hallum has finally received their pay off for iniating coverage of REFR, which was projected upon the announcement of the shelf registration. Shareholders have been stabbed in the chest (not the back this time) in the middle of town, in broad daylight and no one even takes notice.
    This isn't about being short or long. This isn't about trying to stop stock price manipulation. You just increased the supply of stock, with an equal amount of buyers. That's not going to help. You need more buyers for the existing amount of shares. If anything you just created more shares that can be borrowed for shorting. And don't think for a moment the institutions won't hesitate to lend them out. Making money is the name of the game and they'll do whatever it takes.
    So please explain why you needed the money now. If no explanation follows then Joe will continue to use the public forum as his courtroom where lawyers can deceive the jury to defend their clients and still protect themselves by filing documents that say just the opposite.
    John says 6 to 8 months, it better be 6 to 8 weeks.

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    • You are right they always talk about the future, next month, next year, next decade. I guess I can use the same thinking and say my hair will start to thicken up again on top of my head. And if it does not happen next week, then I will say well in two months it will, then next year, then next lifetime.

    • Seems to me that the sale of stock to institutional funds

      is good for several reasons.

      1) the investment funds wanted a position and will over

      subscribe the offering

      2) the investment funds will protect their positions

      3) other investment firms that did not take part in the secondary

      will seek to build a position

      4) shows positive action related to overwhelming good news that

      continues to flow from mercedes

      5) belief that other oem's will follow daimler / mercedes is

      being shown by these institutional investors

      this could be the spark we have needed to drive the price much


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      • You really do not know much about investing do you? Lets answer your points:

        1-If tehinvestmetn funds wanted a position they could have purchased in the open market which happens all the time with stocks.You also state that investemtn funds are purchasing this stock, what do you base this on?

        2- How will they protect thier positions?

        3- Why would other investment firms seek to build positions?If you thik investmetn firms jsut buy because someone else purchases stock you need to learn about investing.

        4- Positive action?- This makes no sense at all.

        5- Since Mercedes announcemnt stock has gone straight down, so more OEM does not mean a thing.

        If you are to post , please think before you post, so that you do not show that you are nothing more than a pumper.

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