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  • xavierducats xavierducats Aug 29, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    Not much has changed

    Joe is still making promises for the future and playing number games involving "if we only get x% of the market". He says they are working with auto companies to "help" them introduce the SPD sunroof. I take it that help involves subsidies that make it a can't lose proposition for the licencees.

    Now that Joe has enlisted a sleazy institution to foist off small lots of new REFR shares retail suckers who have not yet caught on to the shell game he has some cash to throw at these projects that never leave REFR any better off in the long run.

    Joe likely has something coming up that will help clear the shares, but the pump gets weaker each time.
    If olsok/usga doesn't calm down he will blow a gasket again. He is not getting as much help as he used to.

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    • REFR is still in the TERRIBLE TWOs.

      That has not changed.

      You would think with all of the supposed good news usga has talked about, that the stock would at least climb close to $4.

      But, it hasn't. Not even all those institutionalized investors buying were able to push it over $3.

    • An unnoticed change is that the last patents that could possibly be of any importance have expired.

      Instead of looking at Joe and usga who are screaming "look here", "look here", potential investors should look at what the licensees are not doing.

      None has participated in any of the REFR PIPES, nor have they picked up shares in the open market. They obviously don't see much potential for profit, nor much value in the minor patents remaining. They also don't consider it worthwhile to work around the patents, which would be easy enough to do.

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